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Race: Elven
Classes: Rogue with a hint of Ranger
Guild affiliations:
Most active on server: Lute is Everywhere
Played By: bciphoto
Contact: [bidocks Leave a message]

Elutian is an Elf often seen in Ferrell and T'Nanshi working, whether it be creating weapons, bows or clothing.

Appearance and personality

Elutian is of average height, if not slightly short for a male Elf, standing about five feet tall. He has very red hair which he generally wears with bangs long enough to cover his eyes. He will tell you its so no one can tell where he's looking. He has an athletic build, strong, but more built for speed. To most, especially humans, he appears to be about thirty years old, however, his actual age is unknown, even to him. He can approximate it to about two hundred years, maybe a few more. He wears only a few colors in general, preferring red and black. He rarely, if ever will be seen in metal armor of any kind. He carries a bow that he has had as long as he can remember, but has two blades that he only recently acquired. He tends to seem a bit awkward, especially around pretty women, but he is social. He carries himself like someone with just a bit of confidence, but doesn't want you to get too close. He is constantly watching and listening around him.

Elutian is friendly, even slightly silly at times. Always willing to help if he can, even if somewhat unsure of his abilities. He is quick to laugh, and always has a smile for everyone he meets. Those who know him well, know there is more going on behind that smile however.

When relaxed, or during social encounters, Elutian is light hearted, seemingly without a care in the world. When things become serious, or a friend is in trouble, he will instantly become intense, and very serious, dedicated to the task at hand, giving away his truly serious nature. He takes friendships very carefully, trusting few, however, he is very loyal to his small circle of friends and would willingly take a blade or arrow for any of them.

Early life

Elutian's early life was difficult. He was constantly chastised by the other children for being a "runt", an obvious dig at his small stature. He in turn, rebelled when he could, and came up with nasty little contraptions to get even with the other children. This led to him being expelled from school after school, much to the dismay of his parents. He eventually was sent to a boarding school, and labelled a "problem child". The teasing did not stop there however, it became much worse. He still made small traps and devices to protect himself and get back at the bullies, but now had to be more clever in his finding of the parts for these devices. He learned to move without making a sound and hide in corners and shadows so as not to be seen. He also learned that his small stature was a boon to his new skills! In time, he was able to pick the locks all over the school, gaining him access to all sorts of tools and..... weapons. One particular bully was particularly cruel to Elutian. After repeatedly attacking and pummeling Elutian, just for his size, this bully one day pulled a crude knife on him. This was the last straw. Elutian could hold out no longer. While the child slept, Elutian set traps all around the child's bed, his dresser, his closet, his chest of drawers, anywhere that the bully would go. He then used his skills of lockpicking and stealth to escape the school, never to return. To this day, he has no idea what happened to that child and feels a bit guilty about what 'may' have occurred.

After his escape, Elutian traveled from town to town, doing odd jobs, thieving, doing whatever he could to survive. Along the way, he met with several bands of adventurers of all types and acquired a beautiful Elven Longbow, which he still carries. He also learned to use it well, and was taught where to hit an enemy to cause the most pain and incapacitate them quickest. This, combined with his skills of hiding and being "unseen",as well as his prowess with locks and traps, made him a formidable foe and a highly sought after trapper and locksmith among the bandit gangs. This is how he came to be called "Elutian", a stylized version of "The Eluder", as the gangs came to know him. Even his closest friends may not realize that's not his real name. He spent many years "working" the roads and pathways of Negaria, then, one day, decided to change his ways a bit. He wanted to see the cities....have a home, maybe a wife? He went to Elysia, met a few people and started on his way to that goal.


Elutian currently resides at the Port Hole in Ferrell, but has rooms in most major cities, just in case. He has traveled extensively through the known parts of Negaria, Ysgard, Hala, and even parts of Arkaz.

Over the last few years he has befriended some people who helped to shape his life. Tessa Tangletoe, his closest ally and friend, a Fegallian halfling, can be seen with him frequently. Together they go on "adventures" where they find new components to make things with or new foes to battle with. He has been seen with Rain Merstin, a Duid halfling and friend of Tess, that Lute has taken a liking to as well. Eleanor, of the Warrior Maidens. Lute looks up to El, she almost treats him like her own child, teaching as well as chastising him. He trusts her, and her judgement, and takes every opportunity to learn from her. Davilia Chert, of Le'Nofaythen and ROTE. Davi was the first person to ever offer Elutian a position gained solely by trust. She offered him a position at ROTE, where he now works alongside Tess. This touched him more deeply that he has ever told anyone. He has since become quite the weaponsmith, blacksmith, tailor, and carpenter. It was Davi's influence that led him to have a better understanding of nature and the world around him. She also taught him to use swords, and not just one sword, but two at the same time. He is still working on this style, but is getting quite good. Then there is Miss Tashi, also of the Warrior Maidens. She is his fiance, and he couldn't be happier about that. They share many common interests and skills and soon, their entire lives.

Elutian is a bowman at heart, with his bow always within arm's reach. He has had this bow for as long as he can remember. It is quite beautifully crafted, a composite longbow of ash. It has seen him through many adventures. Lately though, the bow seems more in tune with Elutian's movements, and a faint hum or whirring of gears can be heard if you put your ear to the bow. If pressed, he may even explain what the sounds are. But there is no doubting the power this bow holds. More recently, he has found the shortsword to be a workable solution for him and his dual shortswords are always at his side. They both evoke the sounds of thunder and lightning if you listen closely and strike with the ferocity of a storm. His fighting style is.... to say the least...that of a bandit. He will put to use any trick he knows, or any advantage he can press into service. He has taught himself to use any magic wand he comes across and many arcane scrolls to aid him in battle. His favorite tactic is still to creep up to an enemy, undetected, and strike out, crippling them so they cannot fight back, then finishing them off. If needed, he can lay a network of handmade traps and lure enemies through it, likely followed by one of his characteristic chuckles.

Elutian has made many friends along the way, too numerous to mention all of them here. He was recently inducted into FEAT, which he is very proud to be a member of. He feels that it is his duty to help defend Ferrell if he can and does so willingly. Elutian is a strong protector of his friends, and will never leave someone when they are down, instead putting himself in jeopardy to help get them away from whatever danger is present.

Though most of his deeds are not the stuff of a hero, he did answer the call to Southill in M'Chek to save the town from undead, for which he received a Medal, that he has clipped to the inside of his cloak at all times.

Recently, Elutian has found a path, after many years of trying to find his way in the world, and a few disappointed Deities, Pelar has a new Hunter to add to the fold. Being a Pelarite is very comforting to Elutian, as he sees himself as a Protector of the Forest, this one, is a perfect fit.

Known Associates

Elutian is often found in the company of the following:
Rain Merstin
Tashi E'Lie