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General Information


Player: A Wanderer

Character Name: Grrom Blackmane

Gender: Male

Class: Fighter/Cleric

Deity: Gorethar

Primary Servers: Wilderness/Elysia/Deglos


Aspirent to the Order of Gorethar


Grrom was raised in a...well...small town south of Westshore in M'Chek. Now by all means this was a typical small town, except for a few things: The town was located almost entirely underground, they had made illegal the crafting or possesion of weapons, and to worship Gorethar held a strict punishment. Now of course one would figure these to be odd traits of any town, especially a human one.

It all started back at the beginning of the M'Chek-T'Nanshi war. After much fighting and many deaths, the elders of this town decided they would turn their back on M'Chek and the war. They felt far removed from the circumstances of it, but were tired of its sting.

So they decided to move the entire town, which even though it was small was no small feat, into some nearby caverns. And so this town slowly, over the course of many months, built new houses and shops inside these caverns and slowly its people migrated there as well. The only thing left above ground were the crops, which oddly enough were already almost centered around the caverns, as it were.

Along with this move came a few other changes, mainly concerning weapons. At the time the move was decided upon, all men were to turn in all of their weapons, which were to be smelted down to help build the town's new buildings, along with whatever else could be made from them. The wooden weapons were used to fuel the forges which were melting down the swords, shields, and armor. Possession of any weapon was considered against the law, and any man or woman caught with one was to be jailed immediately without trial.

In turn, this first law also came with a second law not far behind it. It was now also illegal to make any new weapons. So all blacksmiths were told they would not honor any requests for weapon crafting. All of their skills would be put to making horse shoes, spades, and other metal tools.

Now this in and of itself, while being very extreme, was still not enough for the town elders. Eventually a few months after these new laws were formed, some opposition arose against the new laws. Those who worshipped Gorethar held these new laws to be tyrannical and blasphemous, sighting a man's ability to defend what he believes in as not only a right but something Gorethar demanded of his servants. The elders were adamant about their new way of life, and so also made illegal the worship of Gorethar. Many men and women were jailed in the coming weeks, and others moved out of the town.

But there was one man of Gorethar who still worshipped and who still held his family's sword, passed down through the generations: Karek Blackmane. Karek was a might to behold in battle. A former sergant in the M'Chek army, Karek had a prowess in battle unmatched by most in his battalion. Karek was also a fierce leader, and could command the troops with an iron fist but still have the compassion required to lead men even into certain death.

Still, Karek and his wife were also a part of this small town, and actually the name Blackmane held some clout around town. Karek was very gregarious and wise, so his council was very often sought in political and spiritual matters. Even though he was charismatic and wise, Karek shyed away from politics, instead chosing the life of a smith.

Karek's smithy was well known in the area as one of the best. He made intricate armors and all sorts of very sturdy tools, but his specialty was with swords. Karek could fashion swords of amazing craftsmanship, whose weight and balance were perfect. Many times he received special orders, which were to be hand crafted to the users specific height and weight, to achive a perfect length and balance for the weilder. Karek was a swordsmith among swordsmiths.

As can be guessed, the news of the towns new location and laws came down hard on Karek. Not only was he a renouned swordsmith, he was also a worshipper of Gorethar. Yes he was a devestated man at first, but after a few weeks he decided it was ok to break these laws. Gorethar understood sometimes that some laws can be tyrannical and downright wrong. After all, men were mortal and prone to some amount of error.

Accepting these truths, Karek kept his family sword, kept smithing some swords even though he would then return them to the fire, but most importantly he continued his worship to the Battlelord, vowing never to turn his back on him.

Many months passed with little change to Karek's new routine. Soon months became years, and Karek's wife bore him a son, who would be named ...

In Progress

Current Information

As of Apr 2007

Grrom has recently returned from a pilgrimage under the mountain to seek out the Battlelord and learn from him. His return has been met with a great amount of laughter and joyous reunion, as this trip lasted much longer than expected.

Most likely due to his recent set of reports, which mainly have centered around his new found understanding of the 'Lord's teachings, Grrom has been promoted to Aspirant within the Order of Gorethar, something he humbly accepts and is very proud of.

He has been working very hard lately at the forge, still hoping to one day reforge his family's sword. During this time he's also been trying to find more information on the Battlelord, and thinking more about the calling he feels to preach the 'Lord's teachings on the streets of Avlis. Never having been much of a speaking man, he hopes the 'Lord will also grant him the courage he'll need to accomplish such a task.

Friends of Grrom

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