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Paladin Cinder Fireblaze


Cinder is a young man with hairs as red as fire and eyes burning with a fiery and alluring sparkle of goodness. Something about him betray his fey blood; slightly pointy ears, a skin without any visible flaws, and a charisma which would turn on the coldest one. He's about 5-foot 10-inches in height and of average built. His attitude is calm and observative of his environement. He walk confidently, his back always straight and head high. Though his attire translate a strict and disciplined lifestyle, something in his behavior betray a more flexible mindset. His eyes often flashes from inner mind powers.


Cinder grew out in the forest of T'Nanshi with his mother. Living in the wood as his mother, half naked and careless of his future, he knew that something was missing. Something pulling him to a more stable life, organized existence. It's at the age of 15 that he's been introduced to his father, Ash Fireblaze, a proud and nice looking man from the Seven Cities, paladin of Gorethar.

The order that was missing in his life was there. So he departed to Red Gate with the Gorethite facing for the first time of his life the hard reality of becoming a man. No more naked run into the wood, no more hide and seek with the local fey, it was time to become civilized. Of course he was not totally ignorant of the world, but had lot to learn about people and how to interact with them.

Specially with woman. A young half-Nymph of 15 know a lot about love already, but Human girl were different than dryads and feys. Seduction was not the same game with human and his good looking allure was a flaw most of the time. Most girl were attracted by him, but at the same time most of them didn't match his mind and conception of life, that began to grew more and more organized as the teaching of his father was taking more importance for him. So he rejected most of the girl and came to think that only one with his mindset would enter his life.

At 17 years old, he was already a fervent worshiper of Gorethar. Order, Duty and Discipline was his life. Nothing though pointed to paladin hood, at best his father was hoping he could become battle priest. Then a morning, his father took him to Malekia, gave him 100 gold and told him Gorethar said he had to live here for a time, until a revelation arrive. Without shelter, clothes to change and in this hostile city where evil reign in master, he rapidly became lost and as a beggar, had to fight to find something to eat. A particular guard made his life really hard. He was persecuting him almost every night, destroying the little shelter he was making out of trash and bullying him at every occasion.Hatred was growing in Cinder, and he knew one day or another his vengeance would come.And after a year living as beggar in the worse city of Negaria, his day of vengeance came. By a rainy night, the guard disturbed a gang of thieves raping a woman in the blood of her dead husband lying on the ground, the neck cut open with a broken bottle of cheap wine. As he came to arrest them, he been stabbed by one of the thief and fell down to the ground, helpless. So came Cinder, starved and frozen to the bone. It's with the energy of the desperate that he ran to the guard, not recognizing him at first, grabbed the guard 's sword and fought back the thieves. He fought screaming with tears in the eye, imploring Gorethar to help him in this time of dire need. The lightning were striking in the night and the blood of the thief was running in the street slowly becoming river as the rain was falling. After the last thief did flee, he looked at the woman and the guard. The woman was dead, stabbed with a dagger. The guard was dying from his wound. At this moment Cinder recognized the guard lying at his feet. It's with tears running that he kneel down beside him and took his head in his arms and he said:I was really eager for this day to come and finally avenge the wrong you did to me... but i finally see the Light on this dark night. Never again i'll feel those feeling of hatred. And as the guard was dying, a blinding light came from the hands of Cinder and saved the guard. On this very moment, a paladin was born.

A day later, Cinder was on the road to Red Gate to tell his father that he was now a Holy Warrior of Gorethar. Time passed and he finally went back to his birth place, to find a new life......

The Chosen of Jariel

All started in the Nelthrope mine for Cinder. As he was quietly mining titanium, a lantern archon in bad shape appeared to him. The archon said he didn't have much time but had a message to deliver to him. He told Cinder he was the third chosen to perform an holy rite. The goal: destroying an evil artifact able to kill any celestial with only one strike, the Angelkiller blade. The archon was sent by Jariel, the commander of the celestial army of Gorethar. His predecessor was Jalustriel, a fallen angel who wanted to kill them all by jealousy.

The archon was badly hurt by his hunter, a demon sent by Jalustriel to stop the recruiting of the chosen. When the demon appeared, it was already too late as the message was transmitted. But he killed the archon and tried to kill Cinder as well. He almost succeed but departed before being sure the young paladin was dead......

Once the four chosen been known, Toadyx Aurelianus, Sylux Raynes, Kili Paltick and Cinder, they united with the whole Order of Gorethar to find the Lost Ritual they would have to perform. Through the deep of the Orcscourge Chasm, buried at the bottom was an old maze constructed eons ago. Many traps and riddles were there to stop the progression of the Chosen but with wits and wisdom, they passed all the challenges and found the old book guarded by a Baelnorn. Once traduced, it was describing the ritual needed to destroy the Angelkiller Blade. But first, they needed to get the blade.....in Hell.But before they needed a weapon able to kill Jalustriel, it was in the possession of Tanmar already, the Sword of Light.

A trip to Hell

Several member of the Order of Gorethar were present to support the chosen in their perilous trip. All gathered in the training ground of the Fortress of Light, Jariel himself opened the portal to Hell. The mission was simple, the task almost impossible to accomplish. Once in the infernal home of Jalustriel the Fallen, they had to fight their way through horde of demons and even replica of them self. But their will to reach the top of this immense fiery hill was unshakable. The hardest combat was with the lord of the Pit and his minions. Many fell under the constant attack of the foul creature, but with their courage and the help of some angel called by Cinder from a stone given to him for this purpose, they won the fight.

Once at the top, the Fallen Angel, now harboring the devious shape of a demon appeared before them. Repentant and seeing his foolish madness, he asked them to put an end to his miserable life. Just before to do so, he made a last prayer asking for forgiveness. Then the young Elros Nolimon took the Sword of Light carried by Tanmar and hit Jalustriel right through the heart. In a blinding flash of light, all was over....almost. The chosen still had to perform the holy rite to destroy the Angelkiller blade that was holding Jalustriel.

The ritual needed to be performed in the shiniest place ever, Heaven. So they gathered there, free from all the brimstone odor of the hellish landscape. The ritual was simple, but took a large told on the soul of the chosen as they had to take all the sins committed with this blade, and cleanse it. Witnessed by all the other member they did what they had to do and the true end came in an explosion of light. Only dust was remaining from the evil that was about to start a bloody war. A ceremony was then organized by the celestial troops and each brave warrior who risked their life and soul in hell was granted the Celestial Medal of Honor. A decoration that was never given to any mortal before them. Each chosen also received a special gift for their inner sacrifice. Cinder had the honor to receive Sinful's Punisher. A bastard sword forged in the purest metal found in heaven.

So ended the Jalustriel story.

A Crush

Friends and Associates

All the member of the Order of Gorethar count as his close friends and family.

More particularly Edge Dravenmore for who he work at Edge's Rarity Store. Kale Alonar his Sponsor within the Order and Kharak Hammerstar the Battlemaster from who he take valuable advise. He recently discovered he was sharing the same playful and teasing nature of Nax, who he greatly enjoy engage in a joke and wits contest. He also enjoy the presence of the younger member as Aerie Angeltear, Jenny Hallendon, Almarien, Hyacinth Pike and Shan Steelsong.

Upon his return from a long time up north, Cinder found himself sponsoring some of the youngster of the Order. He recently also been seen a lot with a young woman,Miana Silk, both sharing mental abilities.. and more.

Philosophy and Thoughts