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ArchPaladin Cinder Fireblaze


Standing straight and confident, the aura that emanate from Cinder is soothing and comforting for those of good intent, just as it is uneasing for those of more doubtful background.

A young and charming appearance, coupled with his nymphish heritage just add to the radiance he project around. His smile is warm and his look peers deep into the soul of those who cross his fiery gaze.

Rarely seen out of his armor, this one is always well polished and ready to serve it’s purpose. Though his attire translate a strict and disciplined lifestyle, something in his behavior betray a more flexible mindset.


Cinder grew out in the forest of T'Nanshi with his nymph mother. Born from an unknown father, he seen the day in a part of the forest that been burned down by a forest fire some days before. Amongs the ashes and still fuming trees came to the world the baby who inherited his name due to this event: Cinder. Living in the wood as his mother, half naked and careless of his future, he knew that something was missing, a calling from inside, something, or a godly voice pulling him to a more stable and structured life. It's at the age of maturity that he's been introduced to his mentor, Ash Fireblaze a proud and nice looking man from Redgate, paladin of Gorethar.

The order that was missing in his life was there. So he departed to Red Gate with the Gorethite facing for the first time of his life the hard reality of becoming a man. No more naked run into the wood, no more hide and seek with the local fey, it was time to become civilized. Of course he was not totally ignorant of the world, but had lot to learn about people and how to interact with them. The bond growing with his mentor, he came to consider him as his own father. It was also a shared feeling from the mentor, so much that Ash adopted the young paladin-to-be as his own son. Perhaps it was fate guiding the both of them so Cinder would inherit the phoenix of the Fireblaze family as later in life, he discovered of his fire genasi blood, burning inside him. It is after an extensive and hard training, and the passing of his mentor, that Cinder traveled back to the south. There he started his long ascension into the Order of Gorethar.

The Chosen of Jariel

All started in the Nelthrope mine for Cinder. As he was quietly mining titanium, a lantern archon in bad shape appeared to him. The archon said he didn't have much time but had a message to deliver to him. He told Cinder he was the third chosen to perform an holy rite. The goal: destroying an evil artifact able to kill any celestial with only one strike, the Angelkiller blade. The archon was sent by Jariel, the commander of the celestial army of Gorethar. His predecessor was Jalustriel, a fallen angel who wanted to kill them all by jealousy.

The archon was badly hurt by his hunter, a demon sent by Jalustriel to stop the recruiting of the chosen. When the demon appeared, it was already too late as the message was transmitted. But he killed the archon and tried to kill Cinder as well. He almost succeed but departed before being sure the young paladin was dead......

Once the four chosen been known, Toadyx Aurelianus, Sylux Raynes, Kili Paltick and Cinder, they united with the whole Order of Gorethar to find the Lost Ritual they would have to perform. Through the deep of the Orcscourge Chasm, buried at the bottom was an old maze constructed eons ago. Many traps and riddles were there to stop the progression of the Chosen but with wits and wisdom, they passed all the challenges and found the old book guarded by a Baelnorn. Once traduced, it was describing the ritual needed to destroy the Angelkiller Blade. But first, they needed to get the blade.....in Hell.But before they needed a weapon able to kill Jalustriel, it was in the possession of Tanmar already, the Sword of Light.
Several member of the Order of Gorethar were present to support the chosen in their perilous trip. All gathered in the training ground of the Fortress of Light, Jariel himself opened the portal to Hell. The mission was simple, the task almost impossible to accomplish. Once in the infernal home of Jalustriel the Fallen, they had to fight their way through horde of demons and even replica of them self. But their will to reach the top of this immense fiery hill was unshakable. The hardest combat was with the lord of the Pit and his minions. Many fell under the constant attack of the foul creature, but with their courage and the help of some angel called by Cinder from a stone given to him for this purpose, they won the fight.

Once at the top, the Fallen Angel, now harboring the devious shape of a demon appeared before them. Repentant and seeing his foolish madness, he asked them to put an end to his miserable life. Just before to do so, he made a last prayer asking for forgiveness. Then the young Elros Nolimon took the Sword of Light carried by Tanmar and hit Jalustriel right through the heart. In a blinding flash of light, all was over....almost. The chosen still had to perform the holy rite to destroy the Angelkiller blade that was holding Jalustriel.

The ritual needed to be performed in the shiniest place ever, Heaven. So they gathered there, free from all the brimstone odor of the hellish landscape. The ritual was simple, but took a large told on the soul of the chosen as they had to take all the sins committed with this blade, and cleanse it. Witnessed by all the other member they did what they had to do and the true end came in an explosion of light. Only dust was remaining from the evil that was about to start a bloody war. A ceremony was then organized by the celestial troops and each brave warrior who risked their life and soul in hell was granted the Celestial Medal of Honor. A decoration that was never given to any mortal before them.

So ended the Jalustriel story... or so they thought

Some years later, demon started to hunt the chosen again as, without knowing, they were receptacle to part of a key to enter heaven. In the process of saving the last part of that redeemed soul acting as the key, Cinder sacrificed his holy blade and a part of his soul. His action of the moment, even if rigth, were severely punished by his superior in the Order of Gorethar. But even if the mortal world was not aware of it, he been rewarded by the celestial, a blade reconizing his rank of lieutement in their army. A blade, possessing the part of his soul he had to split from.

After those events, Cinder served for a long time, away from the Order of Gorethar, in the Celestial Army. It is only after the Drotid war that he reappeared on south Negaria.

A New Beginning

Returning from his sacred duty in Celestia, Cinder found the Order of Gorethar in a state that was far from its former glory. Most members were missing or gone and those still there were too few for all the duty left for them. Being assigned to the office of Senechal, he then took over the consolidation of what was left and started the restructuration of it. So was born the Tower of Light in Ferrel from the abandonned watchtower. The recruitment went good and soon activity was going around. Upon becoming High Paladin, the Order of Gorethar was once more well alive and defending the south from lurking evil.Those were time of relatively peacefull time for the Order. Of course they were taking part in various greater threat but nothing into which they were the turning point.

The Company of the Chalice

At a point during his life, Cinder grew more and more detatched. He felt incomplete even being an accomplished and talented psion. He had the feeling of impostor regarding his paladin side. So after a retreat, he closed his mind to his mental abilities and fully embraced the archetypal holy warrior he was to become. It is soon after that the Order been contacted by the Company of the Chalice. The company is an alliance of like-minded worlds defenders. Coming from out of space, they been on Avlis long ago working secretly with the Granite Anvil. Centuries after loosing contact, they now made a return offering a place to the Gorethite in their rank, which they accepted. Naming Rodrick Goodman as the Grand Knight (representative for the OoG in the council of the CotC).

The Seregs, the Drows and the Giants

Many events including a galactic war preluded to this threat, but it is when the CotC came that they announced that drow females as moved to Avlis and could cause a threat. At the same time, Lissa the herald of Gorethar came in and reactivated Cinder fundtion into the Celestial army, promoting him to captain. Now leader of a small squad on Avlis, they were to prevent the summoning of a Spider demon-lord on Avlis by the same drow now living in the underdark. It is also at these time that the inner fire of Cinder came to surface revealing his phoenix ancestry, that his love for Sophia Maidenhart came to blossom and that through many loss, they vanquished the giants forces... but the rest still continue.

- to be continued


All the member of the Order of Gorethar count as his close friends and family. Upon his return from a long time away, Cinder found himself sponsoring some of the youngster of the Order. With time, his interest grew fondly for a paladin named Sophia Maidenhart, and as love goes by they united their life in the Grand Temple of Deglos. A week later, Sophia met her desmise while on duty with the Order. It been a tragic moment what shook the whole Order with high magnetude. To this date, Cinder still consider himself maried to Sophia as he knows that he will join her again in the afterlife when his mission will be over in life, and his faithfulness to her goes way beyong death.