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Hargas Steelhead
Race: Dwarf
Can be found in: Mikona

Hargas, the plump and red-headed dwarf, is a well-known performer in Mikona, specializing in off-color limericks and irreverant but inspiring songs. He is quite fond of talking about himself and his background, so much of it is common knowledge. Here is what is known:

Hargas was born into a mining family in Mikona. His parents had moved there long ago and taken work in the iron mines. His mother made sure that he carried on the Steelhead tradition of learning the fighting arts (specifically the famous Steelhead headbutt attack, especially useful against giants). But his outgoing father gave him a great appreciation for comedy and song. And so, inspired by the human bards he saw at the local taverns, Hargas decided that he would become a Performer. His parents, while not thrilled, at least tolerated his new goal, so long as he promised to keep on top of his mining duties and to remain true to Gorethar. His dream from then on, was to become famous and loved throughout Mikona. He continues to chase that dream, regularly sending money by messenger to his retired parents.