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Name: Kaelyn MacCaddor
Race: Human (M'Checkian)

Kaelyn MacCaddor was born to yoemen parents struggling to make ends meet on land that was becomeing increasingly unproductive by the year. When at the age of seven he told them that he would be leaving soon and could he please go pack, they were more amused than anything. It took some days for them to recover from the shock of a Dwarf walking up to door with Kaelyn in tow and suggesting that he would be willing to sponsor Kaelyn to the Fighting Order of Gorethar. It took more discussion before they gave their blessing but soon enough Kaelyn was on his way to one of the training monestaries of Gorethar's Militant Order in Galdos.

Years of training under the Arms-Masters and the learned priests of Gorethar passed by as quickly as such things can...and when one is in a class taught by the Wise Alonso it seems at times that time itself stands still.

In honor of Gorethar's dwarven nature he took up training in the axe. He also soon learned to avoid drinking contests with the dwarvn asperients although he could hold his own quite honorably on a one for four basis.

But although not all asperients are successful in Kaelyn's case that special day came and while deep in meditation he felt soemthing stir within him and when he opened his eyes he saw things in a way he had never before. A week of testing, fasting and prayer passed before the final ceremony which marked his formal entry into the Fighting Order itself. Afterwards if anything his training was intensified until Arms-Master Oakenstaff was forced to admit that on at least one occasion sometime in his long life he could recall a Dwarf that Kaelyn should be able to best with an Axe and even the Wise Alonso conceeded that, well, sufficient to say, he passed (barely) but the actually saying of that took several hours.

Some days past and then the chief Priest of the monestary asked Kaelyn to deliever a message to the Shrine in the City of Ehks-Upsolon somewhat to the south of Mikona and for the first time in 14 years he left the area of the monestary. A series of minor "adventures", mishaps, and outright oddities (the last being his horse throwing a shoe) found Kaelyn talking prices with a blacksmith just outside the gates of Mikona.

Arriving at a "fair" price took some time and attracked the attention of several "Dominators" or "Gold Bedecked Peacocks of Uselessness" as Kaelyn comes soon to consider them. Feeling that the very air had become more foul he left in search of a place to cleanse himself....while washing at the well he started hearing screams and quickly grabing his weapons hurried back in their direction the same it turns out that he had left his horse.

When he arrives he finds the "Dominators" lounging about at their ease...their weapons and armor as pristine as the day they were minted and a blacksmith standing there looking at his forge and no horse to be seen. Asking what had passed and where by chance is my horse took some time but it soon became clear that the task of reshoeing had just been completed when a group of bug bears had appeared absconded with the horse, killed some nearby individuals and then left. Several times this story was interupted by Kaelyn gazing at the nearby "Peakcocks of Uselessness" and or their laughter. Well, as in all fairness, the work had been completed a rather out of pocket Kaelyn found hiimself walking through the gates of Mikona.

As this was not "exactly" how he had envisioned this trip turning out he was for a time a bit lost as how to proceed. Acquiring loggings in the nearbye inn proved a daunting task to his purse although he thought that the room he rented was not nearly so bad as others seemed to think...it had more room than his cell in the monestary and the floor was wood rather than stone which made sleeping significnatly more comfortable.

A new day dawned and Kaelyn resolved to see the city. In the process of helping various locals with delieveries he also began to "SEE" the city and he soon recalled a statement of Arms-Master Oakenstaff that once a full Member of the Order coincidences and happenstance are rarely what they appear on the surface to be....a rare case of him being even more obscure than the Wise Alonso.... But it soon became clear to Kaelyn that there was much to do in this city for he found much which disturbed him, and even more that only with difficulty could he refrain from percipitous action. It is little surprise that he has met others of his Order engaged in their Gods work, at times he wonders if the entire Order would be enough. So he has begun to take steps to correct the wrongs he sees, to find out what needs be done and do it. Baring in mind Arms-Master Oakenstaffs parting injunction...."Lad, few corpses do very much in the way of Good!"

If asked what does he want his reply is he wishes only to do what his God wills him to do for he is his Gods instrument. A fact to him he takes most seriously.