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Holandar Blackmane

Holandar Blackmane

Race: Human

Place of Origin: M'Chek

Class: Psychic Warrior ( Fighter / Psion ) Equalizer

Player: Jedisniper

Positions Held:


Holandar was raised in the Wilderness of Southern Avlis. An only child, he lived with his parents until he was in his early teens. One day in his 13th year he returned home to the family farm late one evening to find the barn on fire...

Upon entering the homestead Holandar found his father murdered, lying dead on the floor, his Katana beside him. Holandar heard a scream come from outside the house, he picked up his father's Katana and ran outside just in time to see his mother's life ended by the leader of a group of Bugbears.

Unable to control himself, Holandar charged the Bugbear leader, and struck at him with his father's Katana. The Leader pushed Holandar's attack aside easily, and brought his dire mace crashing down into Holandar's left leg. The Bugbears then left Holandar to die there beside his mother, and he never saw them again.

Near death and miles from the nearest town Holandar lay unconcious for many days, with no healer nearby, he had to let his wounds heal naturally using his limited knowledge of healing he learnt from his mother.

It was many months before Holandar could walk on his leg properly and he spent his time during his recovery studying his father's books on combat and religion. It was in this study that Holandar first learned of Mikon and his teachings. Holandar still bears scars from that horrible day, and his limp is a constant reminder to him.

Years later after leaving his family home and wandering the wilds of Southern Avlis, he came to Mikona to try to make a difference and learn as much as he can about everything he can.

Holandar Travels to Mikona

CoB Symbol
CoB Symbol

The Council of Balance

Holandar in Full Council of Balance Armour

Since coming to Mikona, Holandar has found a new purpose in life by his service to Mikon. In the first year of his arrival in Mikona, Holandar met many people, including Dame Moira Celyn Windspar, Sir Darent Webber, Garek Blackstone and Dale Marshall.

At the time Darent was the Moderator for Mikon's Council of Balance in Mikona, and he taught Holandar much of the teachings of Mikon and offered Holandar a position in the Council as an intiate member.

Holandar studied Mikon's teachings well, and upheld the teachings of balance throughout Avlis, wherever he travelled.

He also took on the role of the Council's Quartermaster putting to use his skills he had learnt at the Avlis Arms and Armour Association (4A) in Mikona.

Holandar was ordained as a full member of the Council a few years later, and continues to do work in the name of Mikon. Since his ordainment, Holandar has trained many young Mikonites including Sigrin Hillfire, Trissa Wetteel, and Tevez.

Holandar's faith in Mikon also led him to meet, and form an unbreakable bond with his closest friend, the dwarf Garek Blackstone.

Almost inseparable, Holandar, and "Shorty" as Garek is affectionately known to him, have fought many battles in the name of Mikon.

They were initiated into the Council on the same day, and years later were also ordained together on the same day. After both served Mikon and the Council for many years, and also after a lot of subtle persuasion from Equalizer Dale Marshall, Holandar and Garek chose further their dedication to their Lord Mikon and commenced on the path to become Mikon's Holiest of Warriors, the Equalizer. Both recently completing their training, they now await formal knighting at the hand of Lord Dunster.

Holandar is a deeply spiritual man, although many who know him would not be aware of this, as he is also a very private person.

The Blue Haired Mind-Bender

During this time, Holandar also met an intriguing young woman with blue hair, who he became fascinated with. The young lass had mind powers that seemed magical to him, but deep down, he knew there was something special about her and endeavoured to get to know her better.

He came to know the young lass as January Smith and after many months Holandar asked her to teach him how to use his mind the way she did. January took Holandar on as her first Psion Student, and he trained hard.

Hol and Jan at the waterfall by their house in Western Mikona

During his training with January, Holandar discovered that he had a raw talent for the Psionic School of Psychometabolism, and turned his focus to using those skills to enhance his fighting ability, thus becoming a highly trained Psychic Warrior. Holandar also discovered something else while he was training with January, he began to care for her a great deal. Holandar was unsure about how to deal with his new found feelings for his Psionics Teacher, and continued on with his training without mentioning anything. But one day Holandar found that January cared for him too, he just did not know it yet. The two went to the Mikona Crypts with an adventuring party consisting of Mara Millennen, Kaz Siger and about 5 others. During the outing, down on the lower levels of the crypt, Holandar was overcome by a deadly trap on the bridge, and he fell over the edge. Holandar was believed to have fallen to his death, and the party mourned for him. January went wild with anger and killed every undead she could find in the rest of the crypt before the remaining members of the party could calm her down and get her out of the Crypts to safety.

Unbeknownst to the adventurers, Holandar had not fallen far, and had landed on a ledge under the bridge. It was not a long fall, but the distance was enough to knock him unconsious for a good 5 hours. Once he came to, Holandar climbed up out of the pit, and hobbled out of the crypt and back to "the Rock" on the north road from Mikona.

Upon his arrival at the Rock, there was January, who after slapping him for putting her though the misery of thinking he was dead, jumped in his arms, and made him promise never to leave her again.

Holandar and January spent many years together, travelling Avlis and helping young Psions in unlocking their talents and showing them the power of their minds.

They had made plans to wed in the summer, but sadly, a few months prior to the date of their planned wedding, January went missing and was never seen again.

Deeply distraught, Holandar went into islolation for several months. Using this time to re-focus himself and reflect on his life, he made a concious decision to move forward with his life and service to Mikon.

The Knighting

Equalizer Shield
Equalizer Shield

Three New Equalizers

Holandar, Garek & Tevez Shortly after being Knighted at Equaloria
Holandar demonstrating an Equalizer Combat Stance
Several months later, Holandar moved past his grief and focused his energy on working towards his goal of becoming an Equalizer.

After many years of training and dedecation, Holandar, Garek and Tevez were knighted as Holy Equalizers of Mikon in Equaloria Keep at the hand of Lord Dunster.

It was a pleasant ceremony with many close friends and acquaintances attending.

Among the guests at the knighting, there was one Holy Warrior representative from each of the 9 Major Deities of Avlis in attendance, who, although they each serve the gods of different philosophies, are all related with regard to their faith and dedecation to each of their god's causes.

The proudest moment of Holandar's life was the day that he took up the responsibilites and swore the oath of the Equalizers.

Holandar continues to serve Mikon and the Balance.

He travels extensively, but can usually be found in Mikona or the Wilderness of M'Chek

Holandar takes his oath at Equaloria

Fort Taunton & the Unified Training Grounds

With the recent completion of the construction of the Fort Taunton "Unified Protectorate Training Grounds", Holandar has been spending the majority of his time there,

assisting his fellow Equalizers and Dru'El's Avengers in the duties of defending and strengthening the Blandenberg Protectorate.

Holandar places himself completely at the disposal of the Protectorate Administrators, and is always happy to assist with any projects he may be required for.

Regularly patrolling the Protectorate lands, Holandar usually travels alone, but is known to enjoy the company of his brothers and sisters in faith,

as well as many of the Avengers including Cairn Mosslel, who he has a great respect for.

On an almost daily basis, Holandar can be found training and studying in the Equalizer Training Facilty at Fort Taunton, as well as assisting the instructors there with the teaching and training of young up and coming Equalizer squires.

Holandar lives his life remembering one of his father's favourite sayings:
"The Past is History, The Future is a Mystery and The Present is a Gift".