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Trissa Wetteel

Trissa Wetteel-Hull

Race: Human

Place of Origin: M'Chek

Marital Status: Married to Loriantias Hull

Class: Cleric / Fighter / Equalizer (in training)

Player: Liesle72

Positions Held:


Trissa was raised on a small farm near Eastshore. Her parents were farmers and worked the land. When she was 16 years old her parents were killed by bandits. Unable to run the farm alone she left in search of her purpose in life.

Trissa began to wander Avlis in her search. While on her journey she met a cleric warrior who worshiped another god. She watched him in battle and saw her true calling. She was to become a cleric, she had not yet found a god to dedicate her life to though. She then went to reasearch all the gods. Upon her reading of Mikon and how he protects the balance, she no longer had to look. She had found what she had been searching for.

Trissa had found her true calling and purpose in life. To serve Mikon as a priestess. Trissa then travelled to Mikona to seek out fellow followers of Mikon. Upon her return to Mikona she met Holandar and Dame Moira. Upon talking with them both about the Council of Balance it was clear to Trissa this was how she could serve Mikon.

Equalizer Training

After being accepted as an Equalizer Squire, Trissa has spent many years studying and training with Mikon's Holy Warriors in their newly constructed training centre at Fort Taunton. Always looking to further her training, she studies tirelessly working towards the day that she will be knighted and given the full title of Equalizer.

Wedding Day

After being engaged to Loriantias for many years, Trissa and Loriantias were finally married on November 4th in the year 2185. The beautiful ceremony was presided over by Father Terin Sorn of Mikon, and held in the Western Pass of Mikona, the site of their first date together many years before. Many friends attended including her family from the Council of Balance, as well as Equalizers of Mikon and Champions of O'ma.

The Wedding