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4th Century P.O.D.

  • 316 P.O.D. - A military alliance under joint human-dracon administration is established to help protect Western coastal settlements.
  • 315 P.O.D. - Tomil Kurath is elected the first overseer of the military alliance. He immediately establishes the settlement of Centerpoint which is to serve as his base of operations.
  • 306 P.O.D. - Tomil Kurath decisively puts down a fairy clash in his territory at Aledia Plain, marking an end to fairy clashes in the region for the next decade.

3rd Century P.O.D.

  • 294 P.O.D. - Tomil Kurath dies of natural causes. His son Mantith Kurath is elected to the position of Overseer as he is considered the best candidate for the job.
  • 292-284 P.O.D. - Road construction initiative begins near Centerpoint spearheaded by Mantith Kurath-s efforts.
  • 279 P.O.D. - Mantith Kurath is killed when an O-Ma fairy group attacks a Titanean settlement near the Sorraine Expanse. He is succeeded by his son Alegius Kurath.
  • 265 P.O.D. - Alegius Kurath is assassinated by a Titanean korred while investigating claims of cattle disappearances near the Tyedu border. Alegius- young son Vergil Kurath is selected to replace his late father.
  • 257 P.O.D. - Vergil Kurath enacts the Fairy Banishment law, forcing all fey to settle outside of a twenty mile radius from each Kurathene settlement. Records from the period show the first use of -The Kurath- as a title, showing the decline of the title Overseer for a position that was all but hereditary.
  • 240 P.O.D. - Replacing his father, Josias Kuras (the first to use the -Kuras- surname,) succeeds the Kurath title. The league is officially renamed the Kurathene League during Josias- short but eventful reign.
  • 232 P.O.D. - Josias Kuras is killed during an abortive Fairy attack upon Centerpoint, while no one group of fey is ever implicated, the Dracon push for his successor, Grantil Kuras to genuinely attempt to enforce Vergil-s banishment law.
  • 221 P.O.D. - Grantil Kuras dies of old age (though some have suggested he was killed by fey magic), and is replaced by his son Lucien Kuras. Lucien rapidly begins to solidify the League-s structure by creating more benefits for service within the military.

2nd Century P.O.D.

  • 197 P.O.D. - Lucien Kuras convenes the first Kurathene Republican Council in the wake of a full fledged eruption of war between fey. Considered to be the first beginnings of Republican government, the convention disperses after six months.
  • 195 P.O.D. - Answering the deadline set by Lucien Kuras the Second Kurathene Republican Council gathers in Centerpoint. Unlike the previous Kurathene Council, this group is freshly elected from the various provinces. The very first act the assembly takes is to ratify the Republican charter officially forming the Kurathene Republic.
  • 192 P.O.D. - Kurathene Republic begins tax collection duties and development of the city of Centerpoint. The mass immigration of aristocratic government officials leads to a massive growth in the city as it attracts thousands more artisans and merchants seeking to capitalize on the new market.
  • 179 P.O.D. - Lucien Kuras dies at the age of 87. The issue of succession is voted upon in the Kurathene Council Lucien-s great grandson Illian Kuras is elected the next Kurath of the Republic.
  • 175 P.O.D. - Illian Kuras passes a new law with overwhelming support by the Kurathene Council, splitting the nation into nine administrative districts. First Consular elections are held.
  • 134 P.O.D. - Willard Kuras replaces Illian Kuras, who is driven insane by fey magic while attempting to intervene in a trade dispute along the Galdosian border.
  • 130 P.O.D. - Willard Kuras officially cedes parts of the military control to local consuls and their Church of Toran representatives. This begins a gradual trend of weakening the Kurath-s military standing until Joral Kuras- rise a hundred years later.
  • 102 P.O.D. - Willard Kuras dies while bathing in the Nomad River during an annual fertility festival. His great-nephew Patricius Kuras ascends to the title of the Kurath.

1st Century P.O.D.

  • 99 P.O.D. - 60 P.O.D. - The Republican Reign of Peace. Spurred the onset of the Great War, the Kurathene Republic gains general stability as fairy clashes within its borders vanish. In order to indulge in his hobbies of art and music, Patricius Kuras ignores his consuls- advice to take a more active part in the war.
  • 59 P.O.D. - Patricius Kuras dies in his sleep shortly after attending an orcish opera performance. His grandson Harrik Kuras ascends to the rank of Kurath and begins a more proactive military campaign to keep the war out of the Republic.
  • 13 P.O.D. - Harrik Kuras is killed during a border skirmish with orcish forces retreating towards Brekon. His son Joral Kuras, a young man of a mere 17 years of age comes to power as the Kurath.
  • 6 P.O.D. - Battle of Divalok River. Lord Methran Arvanos prevents an orcish advance into southern Kurathene. Kurath Joral Kuras makes Methran Arvanos Lord Protector of Kurathene.

1st Century

  • Y.O.D. - Orcish Destruction, Joral Kuras is wounded by the evocation spell. Roughly two thirds of the Kurathene Council is killed in the subsequent explosion; including such dignitaries such as Methran Arvanos, Tomil Crullath and Lucien Barre.
  • 2 - Southeastern provinces of Galoria, Verrain, Pallicium and Ellyius secede from the Republic under the control of self-proclaimed Lord Alexius Korfael.
  • 4 - Seeing the success of the Southeastern provinces, the northern provinces of Amatis, Deneve, Conslet, Aledia and Mysilia secede from the Republic forming the Hyribian League. Joral Kuras is left with a handful of loyal forces around Centerpoint.
  • 5 - Joral Kuras, finally recovered from his injuries sustained during the Orcish Destruction declares that Toran, not Mikon will be the patron of his nation, rallying the dracon to his cause.
  • 7 - Joral Kuras wins a decisive victory against the self-appointed King Alexius Korfael at the third battle of Lesser Galoria Hill, secures the Southeastern provinces and has the still neutral consuls of Bracentia and Caliaze join his forces, providing desperately needed money and food to continue his war effort.
  • 11 - A force lead by a Sir Vergil Maritius and Lord Xarius Tyuelan prevent Lord Bacius Hyribian from capturing Centerpoint despite a three to one disadvantage in numbers.
  • 12 - Lord Duccius Kirkun, Lord Willard Al-Aere, and Lord Warren Alaran lead an army of 80,000 men to capture the provinces of Conslet and Aledia, while Joral Kuras commanding an army of 93,000 forces Fort Denevier in Deneve to capitulate.
  • 13 - More neutral territories, notably Cytheria and Liandyra join Joral Kuras after he defeats an army of 53,000 with just 42,000 forces at the Battle of Amelede Bay.
  • 15 - Joral Kuras secures victory over the Hyribian League by defeating the combined Hyribian army near the Nomad River Delta. The Imperial Republic of Kurathene is established as Joral Kuras and the remaining eight consuls sign the Imperial Constitution. The city of Centerpoint is officially renamed Kuras in honor of the new Emperor.
  • 17 - The Nine Prefects of Kurathene are knighted as the Most Noble Royal Order of Kuras, signifying their social position as Kuras- prized retainers. The Order is henceforth reserved for descendants of the Nine Prefects and is considered the highest honour bestowed in Kurathene.
  • 19 - Kirkun Academy is established in Kuras. Imperial Council passes law that requires all martial academies to be licensed by the crown.
  • 34 - First minor skirmishes occur at the Tyedu border. Reasons for the barbarian incursions are left unknown.
  • 52 - Second Imperial Council convenes. The Blue Order from the Fold of Eight begins active participate in consular matters.
  • 60 - Republican Guard is formerly established as a permanent force. The Guard grows in size over the next century due to its plebeian nature and the prospect of land ownership to well serving officers.
  • 79 - Illian Martial Academy is formed in Isslius. The school is known for its aggressive tactics and mentality, clashing with the better established Kirkun Academy.
  • 84 - Joral Derrik Kirkun, grandson of Duccius Kirkun is killed in a duel with Gradyn Illian, sparking a feud between the Illian Martial Academy and the Kirkun Academy. Dueling becomes a popular hobby amongst consulari militia, staking claim to their superiority over the Republican Guard.

2nd Century

  • 160 - First Tyeduan War erupts along Cytherian border, when Kurathene prospectors attempt to annex tribal lands.
  • 170 - The Kirkun/Illian feud escalates as the head of both academies are killed while competing in front of the Imperial Council. The two schools actively begin fighting in the streets of Kuras.
  • 175 - A large contingent of disgruntled Isslian militiamen (All students of the Illian school) attempt to ransack the Kirkun Academy. Republican Guard is forced to intervene.
  • 176 - Kuras passes dueling reforms, curtailing dueling rights to nobles, while strongly admonishing the Illian Academy.
  • 180 - The Kurathene Empire is established as the Imperial Council signs the Second Imperial Constitution of Kurathene. The First Tyeduan War comes to a close shortly thereafter. All Consular armies are disbanded as the Imperial Army is formally established.
  • 195 - Kuras formally establishes the Imperial Order of Toran as the overarching authority in Kurathene, formalizing the power structure written into the Second Constitution. The Order consists primarily of veterans from the Republican Guard.

3rd Century

  • 215 - Bi-centennial celebration of Kuras- coronation is celebrated by the greatest artisan festival in history.
  • 236 - Peerage Act of 236: Noble titles and holdings are reorganized into a uniform series of guidelines set by the Prefects.
  • 261 - City of Kuras census records the population at one million, making it the most populous city on the continent.
  • 280 - Order of the Sword established on 100th anniversary of the Empire. This chivalric order is meant to distinguish individual service from the Imperial Order of Toran.
  • 295 - Senath, the son of Toran is given the mantle of strategy. Several prominent members of the Imperial Order, chief among them Prefect Aliscius Sidonius Tochi-larian convert to the new lesser god of strategy. Legislation is passed to permit Senathites into the Imperial Order, with the notable exception of law enforcement duties.

4th Century

  • 315 - In response to Dubunat-s increased naval raids, the Imperial Navy is formerly established by Imperial decree.
  • 327 - The-ton begins raids against Kurathene overland convoys.
  • 349 - Kuras begins first offensive into Dubunat, aimed at ending convoy raids and retaking the water ways into the continent.
  • 353 - Withdrawal from Dubunat due to a harsh stalemate, dwindling supplies and lack of popular support at home.

5th Century

  • 402 - The City of Kuras reaches a total population of over two million.
  • 405 - Salvian Duminas is given a Crown License to open his University of Swordplay. The school is immensely popular with the rising ranks of Senath worshippers.
  • 428 - First Imperial Order Competition is held in Brescant. Held every 3 years, between each prefecture with the host city altering between capitols, this massive competition of martial tenacity becomes a hallmark of Kurathene culture.

6th Century

  • 507 - Kuras begins the first of his major construction projects. Lake Mantith, a huge man-made water-table twenty miles in diameter in southern Kurathene in a dryer area between the rivers Nomad and Valok.
  • 525 - Earth work on Lake Mantith is completed. The excavated earth is used to create an artificial peak named Tomil Ridge.
  • 548 - Blue Order along with a small contingent of T-Nanshi druids begins a long process to fill and populate Lake Mantith.

7th Century

  • 615 - On the three hundredth anniversary of the Imperial Navy-s establishment, the Admiralty is moved to the port fortress of Kalion from its original location in Kuras. Going from caravels to carracks, the Imperial Navy at this point numbers over four hundred ships and forty thousand personnel.
  • 627 - City of Brescant on the Western Coast of Kurathene becomes the first prefecture capitol to have a population over one hundred thousand.
  • 671 - Kurathene Merchant Marine Fleet is established by Imperial decree, creating a national merchant fleet to better help the country compete in matters of trade. The organization is placed under the Kuras Prefect, Lord Lucien Kirkun.
  • 697 - The first galleons are commissioned by the Kurathene Merchant Marine Fleet. Replacing the aging caravels being used for mercantile purposes, the galleons provide Imperial trade captains with unmatched range and capability.

8th Century

  • 706 - Kuras establishes the Imperial Legion of Architects, a specialized sub-division of the Imperial Army meant for major construction work, who is placed under the supervision of the Blue Order. Much of its membership consists of dracon.
  • 708 - ILA is assigned their first major task of creating a road system that connects all major cities of the Empire.
  • 727 - Under the direction of Prefect Orpheon Kirkun, the Imperial Legion of Architects begins the task of maintaining a navigation channel through the length of the Nomad River capable of sustaining galleon sized trade vessels.
  • 745 - Imperial Legion of Architects complete the Nomad Navigation Channel, the first vessel, the 1400 ton HMS Majesty of Kuras (34) successfully navigates the channel from Amelede bay into Lake Hurine without incident and in record time.

9th Century

  • 820 - 827 - Second Tyeduan War, Kuras personally leads an army that drives the barbarian tribes from the western peninsula.
  • 845 - Imperial Army reform, ranks are subdivided and pensions are provided rather than land.
  • 850 - 875 - Border skirmishes with Drotid, over slaving parties sneaking across the Hammerfist Rift.
  • 878 - Severing of diplomatic ties with Drotid over slave asylum. Kuras declares all slaves within his Empire to be free.

10th Century

  • 946 - Imperial Army creates a series of fortifications along the edge of the Hammerfist Rift to prevent Drotid slaving parties from entering Kurathene.
  • 975 - Year regarded as the formal start of the -golden age- of the Empire.

11th Century

  • 1037 - Annual census confirms that Caliaze is the first prefecture to reach a population of ten million.
  • 1056 - Penal colony and major naval base established on the island of Sargone in Amelede Bay, an experiment established by the Imperial Order, it is meant to orient criminals in a manner consistent with Toran-s Plan.
  • 1078 - City of Kuras population increases to three million, due to immigration from M-Chek.

12th Century

  • 1157 - Total population of the nation of Kurathene reaches eighty million.
  • 1175 - Imperial Council opens the area around Lake Mantith for settlement, as population in Epillycia grows to nearly twelve million.

13th Century

  • 1212 - Imperial Council orders the digging of a tributary that connects Lake Mantith to the Nomad River.
  • 1250 - As the population along Lake Mantith grows, a centralized city begins to develop on the marshlands. Kuras orders a more detailed canal way to be created.
  • 1275 - The city of Medec is incorporated as the capitol of the new province. Named for the Flare word for trade -mede-, the city is based around a complex network of canals.

14th Century

  • 1320 - Joral Kuras begins preparations for landing a massive invasion force in Dubunat consisting of five full armies. Due to the extreme logistical needs of over one and a half million troops, the construction of sufficient transport ships takes nearly five years.
  • 1326 - Kuras arrives in Brekon with his assembled force of three armies, while Lord Blarent Kale Tochi-larian lands with a force of two armies near the southern Dubunat border.
  • 1330 - While Kuras is busy fighting a war to the south, the barbarian hordes of Tyedu invade Cytheria and the Frontier, sparking the Third Tyedu War. Barbarian forces quickly drive the ill-prepared Imperial army out of the frozen tundra.
  • 1336 - Lead by Legate Martial Sir Michael Lomar, the Kurathene Imperial Army manages to retake the former prefecture of Cytheria. Replacing the exiled Isilwynde family, Kuras promotes Lomar to the position and title of Prefect. Cytherian province of Mysilia is renamed Lomar. Kuras reinforces Cytheria by withdrawing from Dubunat.
  • 1339 - Kuras stages a massive counter-invasion into Liandyra, driving out the remaining Tyeduan forces.
  • 1345 - Imperial Order establishes the stronghold of Halstead in the northeastern corner of Liandyra.

15th Century

  • 1447 - A massive joint economic project between Deglos and Kurathene along the Hammerfist Rift is begun.
  • 1460 - Several temples to Fegall are opened throughout the Empire, as the cultural and economic exchange with Deglos bears more fruit. Senath and Toran also gain temples in Deglos.
  • 1475 - The va-Lucien family is officially made viscount of Medec, with family head Reinhart va-Lucien taking the name Reinhart D-Medican 1st Viscount Medec.

16th Century

  • 1532 - Peerage Reformation Act, aimed to curtail debt holders from having titles, several old families abdicate their titles while wealthy families both foreign and domestic purchase several titles. Among these families is the house va-Lorien of eastern Epillycia.
  • 1540 - Construction of Percivian-s Wall begins in northern Liandyra low lands meant to keep out any vestiges of barbarian activity.
  • 1580 - Kuras returns from his hiatus with a mysterious artifact later identified as Godslayer. Blue Order is tasked with research, suspending their engineering efforts throughout the Empire.

17th Century

  • 1693 - Emancipation Act passed by Kuras, declaring that all human slaves found aboard slave ships are to be freed regardless of origin.
  • 1697 - Following on the Emancipation Act, the Imperial Navy arranges to keep several frigates on permanent station from Port Nireth to patrol for slave galleys.
  • 1699 - Drotid demands the withdrawal of all ships from the area near their territorial waters, which is received by a curt refusal by Joral Kuras.

18th Century

  • 1703 - Grand Tenth of August: the Imperial Navy defeats an armada of Drotid slave ships off the eastern coast of Drotid.
  • 1739 - Second Emancipation Act, all Imperial Navy vessels are granted immunity from piracy laws if they stop suspected slavers. A bounty of one half-Crona per head is established for the prize courts. (Roughly equal to one Andarran Guinea at the time). Nireth garrison reinforced to half a dozen frigates and three ships of the line.
  • 1740 - Lord Tornel Arvanos is made Prefect of Bracentia, after Darren Alaran is killed on assignment to the Marches. The Alaran name is taken by a branch of the Tochi-larian family and borders are shifted to better reflect the new title adjustments.

19th Century

  • 1825 - Joral Kuras is slain by Nemeril. The Empire is suddenly left without a leader as various factions begin vying for control. Seeing the destruction of caused, O-ma attempts to retrieve Godslayer from Nemeril, only to have his avatar banished.
  • 1832 - Preying on the confusion stemming from Kuras- death, an army assembled by the Consul of Sorraine and Consul of Epillycia make an attack on the city of Kuras. Senathites banished from the city of Kuras as a result.
  • 1847 - Lord Revel Crullath assassinates Consul Mantith Illian beginning the Isslian Civil War.
  • 1853 - Hydel D-Medican asserts the independence of the province of Medec when Epillycian Consul Patricius D-Epillus attempts to annex the city as a tributary.
  • 1862 - Archduke Michael Soragen (Former Consul Sorraine) is attacked by opportunist relatives, sparking the Sorraine Conflict.
  • 1875 - Sorraine Conflict ends with the mysterious assassination of all members of the Soragen family.
  • 1876 - The Great Mutiny of -76, the Imperial Navy fractures due to several well placed bribes amongst unemployed flag personnel. Port Nireth station is abolished.
  • 1877 - Epillycia splinters into warring factions, as Consul Patricius D-Epillus and his family are killed. Duchy of Aridor established and allies with the City of Kuras, forming a buffer zone around the Imperial Capital.
  • 1881 - Popular revolution in the city of Soreign lead by lower ranking Imperial Order members imposes a large-scale heavily moderated Toran inspired government resembling draconic society. The situation quickly degenerates as nobles, no longer considered necessary are often either exiled or executed.
  • 1884 - Tri-Fief War. Trenium, Julaspium and Caliaze fall into a state of conflict after the latter two states attempt to capitalize on their gains in the Mutiny of -76.
  • 1895 - Caliazian Civil War. A military coup d-etat is attempted as the Tri-Fief war drags on. The coup is supported by Trenium-s prefect as a means of ending the war.
  • 1898 - Treaty of Brescant. Joral Arvanos III moderates the talks which result in the annexation of much of Julaspium-s Nomad River territory by Trenium and the confirmation of the new military government of Caliaze.

20th Century

  • 1906 - Trenium War of Succession. Carius Dama Tochi-larian disputes his brother, Aedinius Sidonius Tochi-larian-s claim to the consulship of Trenium, allying with displaced Caliazian nobility.
  • 1916 - Second Tri-Fief War. Caliaze and Julaspium attempt to capitalize on the weakened state of Trenium-s military after its war of succession. Joral Arvanos IV intervenes on behalf of Trenium.
  • 1930 - Third Imperial Constitution Conference. Crullath disrupts the process, ending any further attempts at reunification through peaceful means.
  • 1945 - Arvanos, Lomar and Trenium sign into law the Third Emancipation Act. Arvanos begins enforcement along south-western Ocean.
  • 1950 - Arvanos-Crullath Conflict flairs into open hostility over Crullath-s slave trade.
  • 1972 - Crullath and Arvanos sign a ten year cease-fire. Joral Arvanos V abdicates his title in favor of his son Joral Arvanos VI.
  • 1997 - Third Tri-Fief War involving Crullath, Arvanos and Trenium over the governance of Caliaze.

21st Century and onward

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