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The Kurathene military was the army of the Kurathene Empire during the Kurathene period.

Soldier Ranks

Every noble has developed their own ranking systems since the collapse of the empire, but the Kurathene soldier ranks were, from lowest to highest:


  • Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Centurion (beginning of officer ranks)
  • Tribune
  • Captain (of hundreds)
  • Captain (of thousands)
  • Proconsul of the Army

There was a separate advancement for nobles. The ranks above were for army soldiers who were usually common folk, although there were still many nobles in it. The feudal advancement was:

  • Page (young boys)
  • Squire (teenagers learning to fight)
  • Landed Knight (a noble warrior yet to gain any special honor but a land owner and noble)
  • Knight of The Kurathene Empire (special honor given to nobles and heroes)
  • Knight Commander (a Knight that's been around a while and gotten well off)
  • Patrician (a Knight that worked their way up to command many nobles and other army members in battle. This title was most often given to non-nobles who worked their way up to being nobles in their own right. Nobles who achieved knighthood rarely needed to receive this title because they already had noble titles from their home prefecture.)