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Trade and Commerce of Cytheria

Raw Material


The Lands of the Cytherian Frontier are known for their soft woods, especially their abundance of Pine Trees. These are not only used by the Frontiersmen for their own use, but are also harvested and used as trade with other fiefs in exchange for other goods.

Ice Crystals

Off the Northern Coast of Cytheria are many iceburgs from the permanent ice pack. Many lifeforms make their living on these iceburgs, among them the mysterious Ice Elementals. Cytheria hires people to harvest these essence of these creatures and has a hearty trade involving them.

Regents and Plants

The frontier is home to a variety of plants which mainly grow around the less harsh environment to the south of Cytheria. Plants like Tyeduian Spring heralds, Dandelion Weed and Tyeduian Wild berries grow along the snow covered planes freely, some of the few able to withstand the harsh climate.

Manufactuered Goods

The people of the frontier have always strived to support themselves off the lands and are always aware of the threats posed to them by both the Tyedu Hoarde and the wildlife that call Cytheria home. As a result various goods such as weapons, amours and fur clothing are commonly available across Cytheria, from enterprising merchants and simple tradesmen alike.


Another long time pursuit of the Frontiermen of Cytheria is Shipbuilding. The expertise of the Shipbuilders of Cytheria is renowned in regards to coastal or shallow water boats. These expertly crafted boats need to not only survive the harsh weather of the north, but also to be able to get around the massive iceburgs safely.

Places of Commerce

Indoor Marketplace

The Indoor Marketplace is located in the Docks District of the Capital City of Cythras. Inside, one can find all kinds of goods for purchase, from the latest weapons to the strongest of Ales. The Maketplace was closed for repairs after damage it took during the Blue Revolution, but is back in business.