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Politics of Cytheria

Cytherian Internal Political System

General Information

Cytherian Internal (Information generally known): Cytheria's new Lord and Inner Council are still in the process of consolidating power after a popular revolution.

The goverment is an Autocratic Dictatorship - that is, one ruler (Lucius D'Cythra) put in power by force.

The word in the diplomatic corp of each fief is that the new Lord Lucius is someone very interested in pushing Nationalism and pulling together the old Cytherian Frontier, which he feels was split up into two, old Lomar (the newly named Cytheria) and Halstead. How this plays out with the current situation, nobody dares guess now.

Political Organization

Nationwide: Inner Council of Cytheria

The ultimate power in Cytheria is held by the Inner Council. All decisions are made by the council is a a whole (whenever possible), with a one person/one vote system, with any tie-breakers cast by Lord Lucius D'Cythra.

The council is made up of individuals representing different areas of responsibility:

Lucius D'Cythra - Lord of Cytheria. Responsible for overall decisions of Cytheria.

Shaniqua Stont - Grand Visor of Cytheria. Responsible for the Trade and Economics of Cytheria. There are rumors that there might be more to this mysterious woman though.

Mitrik Sigers - Field Marshall of the Cytherian Armed Forces. Responsible for all the military forces in Cytheria. With the current war, Mitrik has recently been absent from Inner Council meetings.

Kalgar Darthvord - Proconsul of the Marines and Lord of the Wolf. Kalgar is the head of the Order of the Wolf, which is a para-military organization that helped Lucius gain control of Cytheria, and currently handles internal security. In a recent development, Kalgar was also named Proconsul of the Marines, the elite military unit of Cytheria.

Danicia Swifthand - Director of Foriegn Intelligence. Little is known of Lady Danicia or her resonsibilities. Most assume she is a diplomat for Cytheria.

Local: Village Elders

With the large size and bad weather that hampers travel in Cytheria, the Inner Council re-implemented a system of Village Elders to help govern the villages throughout the Frontier. This system was implemented in the past and grew from the independant nature of the Frontiersmen.

Each village has a group of three Elders elected. These Elders are both in charge of village matters but also acts in all judicial matter for the village. In their judicial roles, the Elders are both Judge and Jury, listening to the arguments of both sides, rulling on the informatoin and appling any penalties that are decided.

Cytherian Inter-Fief Relations and Treaties

General Information of Cytherian Inter-Fief Relations

This is information is generally known in the fief, but would not be knoown without asking questoins of the right people.


Cytheria has many of the Halstead refugees in it's borders, including the current Government-in-Exile of Halstead. Relationships between Halstead and Cytheria (the Lomar)were cool before, with them not coming to the offensive aid of Halstead. With Cytheria's current regime, that is changing dramatically.

With the signing of the Cytheria-Halstead Military Pact of 2170, the relationship and ties between Cytheria and the goverment-in-exile of Halstead are tied together for a while


With the occupation of Halstead and expected offensive operations by Cytheria to dislodge the Tyedu forces, Cytheria and Pylatea have signed a non-agression pact. This pact lays out what Cytheria's intentions are, agrees what the border of Halstead is and should still be even after operations, and that there will be no agrssive acts be either toward each other during this time.

Cytheria needs a good relationship with Pylatea to keep from having to guard too many fronts with their troops. Of course, there may be the opportunity grow the relationship and get further aid, military or financial, to help prosecute the war.

Trenium, Calazeria and Arvanos

Being the ocean bordering fiefs, a lively trade should exist between these fiefs and Cytheria

Other Fiefs

With the current leadership turnover and the troubles to the East, the current Diplomates for Cytheria are obvious in their efforts to allay any fears the other feifs may have. Of course, Cytheria is too far north for most to be concerned about.

Pacts and Agreements between Cytheria and other Fiefs

Cytheria-Halstead Military Pact of 2170

Synopsis: Cytheria agrees to joint offensive military operations to irradicate the occupiers of Halsteads lands in exchange for monetary value of prosecuting the war and advisors to help rebuild Halstead's defenses.

Joint Military Pact between Nation and People of Cytheria and the Goverment-in-Exile of Halstead.

With the below signed agreement, the Inner Council of Cytheria and Lord Lucius D'Cythra declares that the Nation of Cytheria will immediately join in a Joint Military Pact with the Goverment-in-Exile of Halstead and it's chosen leader, Lady Lucia.

This Joint Military Pact states that the Nation of Cytheria will work against the invaders inhabiting the lands of the Nation of Halstead, to the end that these invaders are fullly irradicated from said lands.

With this, Cytheria immediately declares war against the Melekite hordes and Tyedu Clans occupying the lands of Halstead. Cytheria also continues to pledge it's full protection and well being for our brothers from the East that have been displaced to our lands here in Cytheria. The Inner Council also declares Cytheria will supply the brave soldiers of the Goverment-in-Exile with equipment to allow them, with the assistance of the Cytherian Armed Forces, to liberate their homelands. Cytheria will begin the offensive to assist in reclaiming Halstead as a co-operative effort with the remaining Halstead forces in the reigon as soon as militarily possible.

In return, the Goverment-in-Exile and Lady Lucia will grant access to Halsteads mineral wealth for a number of years during and after the war, dependant on the cost of the war, to repay the nation of Cytheria for their help in prosecuting and removing the invaders currently occupying Halstead. Also, to help in coordinating the future defence of the Northern Frontier from future invasions, the Goverment-in-Exile and Lady Lucia shall allow a limited number of Cytherian advisors - engineering, and diplomatic - to come into their lands to assist with the rebuilding of said defences.

These advisors will be subject at all times, and without exeption, as diplomats, exempt from prosecution from Halstead's government's laws, but subject to be named "Persona Non-Grata" and returned to Cytheria on the understanding that if they return to any area under Halstead juristiction within a period of five years they shall be subject to arrest and the full severity of the law.

Halstead will also provide any and all help, military and otherwise, to the Nation and People of Cytheria should the lands of Cytheria be invaded by outside forces, with the exeption of any such invasion being the result of Cytherian aggression, whether overt or covert. This Joint Military Pact shall transfer to the appointed subsequent regimes, should an untimely end come to any of the below signataries.

<Seal of the D'Cythra Family>

<Seal of the Inner Council of Cytheria>

<The Atilius family seal>

Commentary: "With the revolution and the promise of Lord D'Cythra to free the people of Halstead, there was little doubt that the Inner Council of Cytheria was going to have to honor that commitment. With the Tyedu forces slowing down their attacks to Cytheria's north, it would seem prodent of the Council to launch their attack now, while the Tyedu forces are at their weakest. Add to that the promise of financial and military help from the expatriated Halstead forces, marks a culminations of events - as long as the Cytherians can mount an attack during the short spring period.

A masterstroke by the Inner Council to have advisors present to oversee the rebuilding of Halstead's defences after repelling the Tyedu forces. Though seemingly a small matter on the surface, this seemingly marks the end of Imperial influence over Halstead, and will grant Cytheria prestige as the military power to contend with in the north. Halstead, being in the situation that they are in, was backed into a corner, but with no other offers of aid, was the prudent action to take."

- Professor Balnard

Cytheria-Pylatea Non-Aggression Treaty of 2170

Synopsis: Cytheria and Pylatea agrees to respect the borders of each nation and that a restored goverment in Halstead would be benefitial to both nations.

Non-Aggression Treaty and Letter of Intent between the Nation of Cytheria and the Kingdom of Pylatea in regards to Halstead

With the below signed agreement, the Inner Council of Cytheria and Lord Lucius D'Cythra declares that the Nation of Cytheria reconizes the borders of Halstead to remain as were previous to the Melekite hordes and Tyedu Clans occupying the it's lands as shown in the attatched map (( Further we reconize the Goverment-in-Exile and Lady Lucia to be the rightful leadership of Halstead.

The General Assembly of Lords for Pylatea agree with the above facts and hearby reconize the borders of Halstead as well as the Goverment-in-Exile and Lady Lucia to be the rightful leadership of Halstead which would offer stability in the reigon to which we can all benefit from

<Here lies the Seal of the D'Cythra Family>

<Here lies the Seal of the Inner Council of Cytheria>

<Here lies the Seal of the General Assembly of Lords for the Dutchy of Pylatea>

Commentary: "While it is good that Cytheria solidified the southern border of Halstead if and when they take offensive operations into Halstead, the fact the fact is that Pylatea gives nothing and gets to sit back and watch Cytherian troops get eaten up by an entrenched Tyedu army. Unless there are more negotiating to come, Cytheria doesn't lose, but Pylatea is a definate winner here." - Professor Balnard

Cytherian, Pylatea and Halstead Statement of Mutual Co-Operation of 2181

Statement of Mutual Co-operation. The Lands of Halstead.

Be it proclaimed on this the Month of October 2168, Pylatea agree's to enter into a pact of Co-operation with the governments of Halstead and Cytheria, with the aim to take by force the lands of Halstead currently under the control of the Barbarian invaders originating from Tyedu.

The agreement will be thus:

  • That the men and women and all who fight under Grand Dutchess Blackhammer's banner will take by force lands recognized as belonging by right of birth to the Lady va'Klaren, which are still under the control of Tyedu Invaders.
  • That when Pylatean Forces from the northern front meet up with forces fighting under the flag of Halstead and Cytheria on the eastern front, all lands securely held by all who fight under Pylateas banner will then be handed directly over to the ruler of Halstead, Lady va'Klaren.
  • That the handing over of aforementioned secured lands to the aforementioned Lady va'Klaren will complete the rout of the Tyedu Barbarians back to the lands of Tyedu, and thus will end the pact of mutual co-operation between Pylatea and the alliance of Cytheria and Halstead.

Signed on Behalf of Pylatea and the Grand Dutchess Blackhammer ~Baron Kerris Karn of Pylatea~

  • Signed of Behalf of Halstead
  • Signed with the Seal of D'Cythra

Commentary: "This agreement finally opens up a southern front for the war against the Tyedu Occupiers of Halstead. Together, Cytheria and it's allies working from the west and Pylatea working from the south should be able to split the Tyedu defenses and supplies. - Professor Balnard

Agreement of Mutual Support between Cytheria, the Trust and the Blue Order of the Sky

  • The below notice is posted throughout Cytheria and in the main points in the Kurathene Fiefs and Kuras*

People of Cytheria and all of Kurathene, It is my great pleasure to announce that an agreement between the Trust of Mages and the Nation of Cytheria has been reached. In keeping with Cytheria's new policy of open religion and freedom to practice the various arts and the Trusts commitments to all mages across Negaria, we have picked Cythras , the Jewel of the North and Capital of Cytheria, to build the newest Academy of Mortal Magic. Plans are being approved now and building will commence as a priority in Cytheria.

In addition, I would like to announce an agreement of mutual support between Cytheria and the Blue Order of the Sky. whereas the Blue Order is actively recruiting mages to join in the fight to free Halstead from the Tyedu occupiers. There have alread been commitments form Archmage Aeril and the Blue Order of over 500 mages of various skills to help free the Frontier and control the Tyedu hordes from infringing on any other Kurathene lands.

May we all face our enemies with such courage. May the gods bless Cytheria and the Trust.

  • Signed*

Lucius D'Cythra, Lord of Cytheria

  • Signed*

Aerill Ailpera, Archmage of Blue Order of the Sky