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Cytheria is located at the far Northwestern part of the old Empire. An unforgiving land, the tundra land gives just enough food for substance and very little other plant growth. Tree and plant growth is greatly hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons in this northern latitude, with whatever plant growth there is during the summer small and close to the ground. Flat and featureless, it can seem like you are going forever before you see another village or herd.

As flat and unyielding as the land is, the weather is truly a harsh and unrelenting beast to the souls that brave the Cytherian Frontier. The weather of the Frontier can be split into two seasons: a relatively comfortable, though short, sunny summer months and the blistering cold winter which is often defined with heavy snowfall and consistently cold temperatures. A warning to the daring traveler: bring your warmest clothes to protect against the freezing weather.

Cytherian Frontier Regional Map

Economy and Resources

Farming yields barely enough food for Cytheria’s inhabitants to survive, thus the fief depends heavily upon fishing and whaling. The Frontiers cold land provides an abundant source of heavy-coated animals and little else. The fief trades fur as its main source of income and trades crafted goods with the bordering Tyedu barbarians to the north. Many a rumors over the long winter night campfires circulate about another source of wealth for the fief, many pointing to the boats that return without fish.


The Cytherian Frontier is a cold, hard land. Its folk, accustomed to the rigors of winter life, are a hardy group, the true frontiers people of Avlis. Used to long periods being cut off from most contact with other people, the Cytherians do not open up to strangers very easily and tend to be very clannish in their loyalties. Mannerisms are short and gruff, conversations often quick and to the point, and non-verbal expressions (hand waving, etc.) are kept to a minimum.

When a long conversation is required, animations become severe and almost over-exaggerated, perhaps to help keep the blood flowing in the colder environments. The Cytherian Frontier attitude is one of bitter-sweet resignation mixed with the pride of their survival in this desolate place.

Since being cut-off from other communities is common during the winter months, each community tends to be a bit different from others: everything from the gods they worship to the dialect each community uses.


Recent political history has been one of great change. There have been four ruling families of the region in the past 70 years – all change the result of a revolution or take over, and all very different from each other.

The latest government, led by the self-proclaimed descendent of the original D’Cytheria family – Lucius. This young upstart inspired a popular uprising by stirring the emotions of the people, inspiring them to achieve the status they had during the height of the empire and promising the freedom of religion and local government that the people were starved for. Lucius D’Cytheria continued to hold the lordship, not by his dubious ancestral claims, but by delivery on those promises of returning the glory of the Frontier to its people.


The ancestors of the Cytherian Frontier came from many different places of Avlis, all drawn to the challenge living in such a difficult area. As such, these original Cytherians also brought with them the belief of many different gods: from Verossa to O’ma, from Senath to Vorin, to Gorethar and Meleki.

Lucian D’Cythra quickly decreed that Cytheria would be going back to the ways and customs from when the Frontier was a power to be reckoned with, including changing the name back to Cytheria from the short lived name of Lomar and Leonius. One of the key parts of this was to decree a policy of religious freedom, with no state sponsored religion anymore. This quickly made the young Lord very popular and gave him and his inner circle time to consolidate their control and leadership of the fief

A highlight and a truly wonder to behold is the Grand Temple of the People. A marvel architecturally to behold, what is even more remarkable is the fact that all religions are allowed to be practiced and preached in the one building. This does not happen without conflict sometimes, but has remained blood free so far.

Beginning Storyline

Tyedu Barbarians and others have invaded the neighboring fief of Halstead. Over the last seven years. Cytheria has beaten back it's invaders, but the Tyedu invaders have been relentless and have pushed the Halstead force and almost completely control that fief. Most of the remaining Halstead forces are now in a camp within Cytheria.

Through a recent revolution, Cytheria has a new leadership now and, after many rounds of negotiations, has agreed to help the remaining Halstead forces push the invaders out of Halstead altogether.

Because of this storyline we are starting off with, we expect to see immediate action and a lot of political intrigue.