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Religion in Cytheria

Previous Religion Affiliations

Kingdom of Lomar

The Lomarian family did not follow Toran, but rather uniquely this far north, followed O’Ma. This change dates back to Emperor Kurath. At that time, the Lomar family had sworn allegiance to Kurath, and provided him with ships for his Navy. A Lomar was there as well, a member of the Emperor’s Court, when O’Ma sent His avatar to reclaim the GodSlayer. Even though O’Ma lost, the then Lord Lomar, was so impressed with O’Ma’s bravery, that he decided to follow O’Ma’s teachings rather then Toran’s. Toran is still greatly respected and has a temple in the capital city. But has taken the second place both officially and among the bulk of the population.

Kingdom of Leonius

Cassius convinced that the worship of O’Ma was the reason Lomar became so lax, he went so far as to ban the worship of the god of forests, re-instating Toran and his son Senath as the primary gods of worship. Uncertain of the change, but high off the victory over the barbarians, and kept appropriately fed and entertained, the masses fell in line.

Current Standing Toward Relgions

With these contradictory official stances on religion, the people of the Frontier grew increasingly beligerant about the lack of freedom to worship the gods they have. With O'Ma and Toran being state sponsored religions in recent reigns, the religions of neighboring fiefs and the semi-nomadic nature of the Frontiersmen, there are many gods worshipped in Cytheria.

During the build up to the Revolution, Lucius picked up on this pent up frustration early on. Ever the opportunist and knowing he needed to turn the population against Cassius, decreed a policy of religious freedom, with no state sponsored religion anymore. This quickly made the young Lord very popular and gave him and the Inner Council time to consolidate their control and leadership of the fief

A highlight and a truly wonder to behold is the Grand Temple of the People. A marvel architecturally to behold, what is even more remarkable is the fact that all religions are allowed to be practiced and preached in the one building. This does not happen without conflict sometimes, but has remained blood free so far.

One thing that has not come out is the religion leanings of Lucius D'Cythra and most of his Inner Council. Most Frontiersmen have found this refreshing after having the Kingdom's religion being thrown at them for so long.

Slowly and without any fanfare, the few worshipping Malekites in Cytheria have been "disappearing" recently. Nobody has questioned it too much, as the Malekites were not popular in the Frontier anyways, but there has been some muted mumbling and questions about it in the bars and churches.