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The Nation of Cytheria

The Nation of Cytheria
  Cytheria COA small.JPG
Moto: "Death of Cytheria's Enemies are worth Living in Hell"
Anthem: None
Capital: Cythras
Largest City: Cythras
Population: approximately 2,388,000
Official Language: Common
Goverment: Dictatorship
Current Leader: Lord Lucius D'Cythra
Ruling Body: Inner Council of Cytheria
Independance: From The Empire: 1336, under the then name of Lomar
  Current Regime: 2170
Area: Unknown
Currancy: Gold Piece

Cytheria is located at the far Northwestern part of the old Empire. An unforgiving land, the tundra land gives just enough food for substance and very little other plant growth. Tree and plant growth is greatly hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons in this northern latitude, with whatever plant growth there is during the summer small and close to the ground. Flat and featureless, it can seem like you are going forever before you see another village or herd.

As flat and unyielding as the land is, the weather is truly a harsh and unrelenting beast to the souls that brave the Cytherian Frontier. The weather of the Frontier can be split into two seasons: a relatively comfortable, though short, sunny summer months and the blistering cold winter which is often defined with heavy snowfall and consistently cold temperatures. A warning to the daring traveler: bring your warmest clothes to protect against the freezing weather.

The southern areas of Cytheria, while still cold to even the hardiest of souls, does have some semblance of seasons, with several months free of the snow fall. This southern land is where most of the pine and the minimal hard wood that grows in Cytheria can be found.

The further north you go, the flater and colder the land is. In the east, the land is very flat, with Fort Bross located at the strategic high point, commanding a view of all the eastern lands.

The Villages, Forts and City of Cytheria

The Capital City, Cythras

Cythras South Gate (Residential District)

The Capital City of Cythras
Population: approximately 217,000
Location: of the Bay of Mysalia
Land Area: roughly 274 km squared
Leading Business: Goverment, Major Port, Shipbuilding
Administration: Lead by a Mayor, with a City Council for legislation
Major Districts: Residencial District (South Gate)
  Temple District (West Gate)
  Docks District (East Gate)
  Underground Residences

Cythras is the capital city of Cytheria and its largest city. Located on the bottom of the Bay of Mysalia, Cythras grew into a perfect port city for this northern most fief. Cythras is known for it's tough winters and mild summers.

Cythras is divided into four main districts, named for the gate they are by:

South Gate (Residential District)

The South Gate of Cythras open into the Residential district, where as the name suggests, most of the residents live in Cythras. Amongst the homes, the unique feature of the above ground Tunnels are seen, helping protect people going from one area to another to avoid the worst impact of the harsh weather.

Also located in the Residential District is the Cythras jail and the entrance to the Underground Settlement.

West Gate (Temple District)

Temple of the People

The West Gate of Cythras opens into the Temple District. Many temples are here, some had been long abandoned because of the past change in regemes in this region. These temples are now open or opening to the public again.

One of the first architectual projects started by the Lord Lucius is the Temple of the People, a symbol of the Freedom of Religion policy he and the Inner Council implemented. The Temple is a highlight of the new hope around Cythras and a truly wonder to behold. A marvel architecturally to behold, what is even more remarkable is the fact that all religions are allowed to be practiced and preached in the one building. This does not happen without conflict sometimes, but has remained blood free so far.

East Gate (Docks District)

Indoor Marketplace
The East Gate of Cythras opens into the Docks District. This is the heart of all trade of Cythras. Cytheria imports lots of Grain in exchange for Pine wood, ice crystals and other items. Around the docks district, you can see the tall Grain Towers that store the grain coming in.
Another long time pursuit of the Frontiermen of Cytheria is Shipbuilding. The expertise of the Shipbuilders of Cytheria is renowned in regards to coastal or shallow water boats. One of the biggest drybocks in the Frontier is located in Cythras' Docks District.
Indoor Marketplace upstairs
Finally, commerce is live and well in Cythras' Docks District, lead by the Indoor Marketplace, an immense indoor bazaar designed to be a place where trade can commence in relative comfort.

Underground Residences

With the harsh weather, residences of Cythras long ago went underground to gain some repreive. They set up mostly houses underground. Even with the shelter from the elements, mostly the poor and working class took residences underground. As the saying goes, "Frontiermen are supposed to be free".

Towns and Villages


Location: Southeast of Cythras, along the main trade road.
Main Industries: Trade, Weapon and Clothing Manufacturering

The village of Durastan is located slighty to the east after leaving south through the Cythras South Gate. Due to its location along this north-south path, Durastan is a frequent stop for travelers and traders passing through on their way to the Capital. The town has grown notable for its weapon and armour repair shops along with a few other specialty shops in Cytherian weaponry and clothing.

The village in the last few years has been geting more and more reports of bandits in the areas around South East Cytheria, in respones the gates where reinforced and extra men where sent to keep any eye on the situation for the time being.

Silver Water

Location: Northwest corner of Cytheras, along the ocean coast.
Main Industries: Ship building, Ship Trade and Fishing.

Situated on the most North West point of the Cytherian Frontier, the village of Silver Water is the ideal location for ships to drop supplies and ferry people too and from the fief. Being situation along the coast also more prone to maurading pirates. Because of this the Cytherian Marines had a long history of dealing with the village for quick supplies and stageing voyages from its docks.

Approx. 75 years ago there was a silver mine opperation in the stream leading to the Harbour. Word had it that there was so much Silver, the water reflected like a mirror. The story was over exaggerated though and silver has not been found in years. Many that look to strike it rich though still appear every so often only to leave broke.

White Deer

Location: Far Northeest corner of Cytheras, near the borders with Halstaed and Tyedu
Main Industries: Tanning, Shepherds, Woodworkers

Located near the borders of Tyedu and Halstead, White Deer is mainly an agricultural base for tanners and sheparders. Over the decades and centuries, many different groups of people have setteled here, but the village never seems to change much.


Fort Nikolas

Located on the western coast of Cytheria, Fort Nikolas is home to the Cytherian Marines. Choses for both it's easy access to the shipping trade routes and easy defense from land and sea attacks, Fort Nikolas has stood as a stronghold for since 1981. The fort was named for the first General of the Marines, General Korizan Nikolas.

War Mage HQ

The War Mages of the Cytherian Marines are stationed in Fort Nikolas and serve as one of the two branches of soldiers, the other being the larger Marine HQ and Barracks where the battlepreists, warriors and archers stay. The three huge buildings and testement to the money being put into the infrastructure of the fort.

The War Mages HQ is a tower constructed of an exspensive and rare granite located in upper deglos, the same stone used to create the mighty walls along the border of Julaspium. The walls of the tower have since undergone a series of enchantments in an attempt to make the tower particually resistant to the fierce elements of the cytherian winter.

The Mages currently use four levels of the tower which consists of a ground level entrance hall, a study and dormatory level, a training level and a level restricted to the High Battle Mages that little is known about by those outside the guild.

Fort Nikolas: Inside Front Gate

Fort Bross

Fort Bross is the main fort for the National Guard of Cytheria. 10 years after the 3rd Tyeduan war, a fort was built in the northeastern corner of the nation. This fort was named for Captain Sebatian, hero during the third Tyeduan War. The Fort Bross is located near the border with Tyedu and Halstead, on the highest point in the the area, which offers a commanding view of the landscape.

The Fort has been reinforced many times and has a network of tunnels underneath, with munitions and supplies to withstand a long siege if necessary. The National Guard has added a whole outside part to the fort. It includes a building that has a few merchants for when the people living in the fort need something. This is allowed because before he died Captain Sebatian said, "No one should be left out of the fight, even if they can't fight well."

In the inner fort, there is the National Guard barracks, a hospital, and a blacksmith. The blacksmith makes all of the weapons that the National Guard uses.

For many years, Fort Bross has been the only thing between Cytheria and the Tyeduan. The National Guard has done a great job of holding back the Tyeduan. These past 7 years have been the hardest. If you walk along the border between Fort Bross and Halstead (which we recommend you not to do) you will see several National Guardsmen patrolling the area, including me at some times.

The current commander of the Fort is a decendant of Sabatian Bross, Captain Lorisa Bross.

Fort Bross

Fort Sigers

Fort Sigers

The home of the Cytherian Legion, Fort Sigers is located in the southern region of Cytheria, where year-round training is possible.

The fort is named for Marcus Sigers, once Procouncil of the Marines and war hero.

Halstead Refugee Camp

Refugee Camp

With the Tyedu invasion and the subsequent occupation of the lands of Halstead, many of Halstead's people have moved west to Cytheria, looking for protection as well as food and shelter. The current Goverment-in-exile of Halstead is also located here, along with the bulk of Halstead's remaining armed forces.

((For more information, please see the Halstead entry.))

Natural Features

Bay of Mysalia

This is the Bay that the capital city of Cythras is located on.

Bane Iceburg

Was the city of a famous raid by the Cytherian Marines against the pirate band of Nutzbuster.