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Name: Resthal Sethi
Race: Human

Resthal's parents passed away when she was very little. Some monks took her in, and raised me. They tried to direct her to the path of the monk, because they thought that she had potential. As time went by, Resthal saw many people coming into the monastary, in need of healing, or pleaing for the restoration of another's life. This, coupled with her guilt over her parents' death, rooted in her the desire to heal as many people as she could.

The monks let her be, until Resthal's 15th birthday. On that day, an elvan prisoner of war escaped his human captors, and, heavily wounded, tried to seek sanctuary in the monastary. But the monks turned him away; they were, after all, a human monastary, and furthermore, it was against the law to harbor POWs. Resthal saw the hopeless expression on the elf's face, as he left, and her heart went out to him. When no one else was paying atention, she slipped out of the monastary, and set off after him.

By the time Resthal caught up with the elf, he was near death, and the authorities weren't far off. She treated his wounds, and spent one entire night watching over him. In the morning, the elf was looking much better. But it was at this time that the authorities finally came. She was powerless to stop them from taking the elf away, though she pleaded with them to at least treat him well. It was perhaps lucky that she was left off with a sharp reprimindal and lecture. She was taken back to the monastary, where she learned that she was no longer welcomed in their halls.

It was a blow to Resthal, for the monastary had become almost a second home, and the monks were almost like a second family. But there was no room for arguement. She packed what few things she had, and left the monastary, perhasp forever. It would be another year before she arrived at Mikona; in the meantime, she had to grow up very quickly. She had also heard tales of the demigod Cha'Reth, and now sought to come into his fold, and heal as many people as she possibly could. Such was the situation, when she arrived at Mikona.

Current Situation:

Resthal has made the journey to Elysia, and made a few friends there. She has also joined the AKN, to advance her skills in healing. Currently she is focusing all her energies on practising making items of healing.