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Lilliana Be'letane
Race: Elf
Wizard (Aeromancer)
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Lilliana Be'letane is an Ysgardian Moon Elf, currently living in Mikona. She is known as the current Moderator of the Magisterium, a master Aeromancer who instructs in the art at the Academy of Mortal Magic, and as the inventor of a commercially available device for breathing underwater.

Appearance and Mannerisms

Lilly and her associates.

A pale skinned Elf with silver-grey hair. She stands little over five feet tall, with a very slightly stooped posture, likely from too many hours spent hunched over a desk. She generally appears disheveled, with unkempt hair and little obvious effort spent on maintaining her appearance. Her attire always prominently displays the symbol of the Academy of Mortal Magic.

A fine russet cloak with a black metal clasp is wrapped around her shoulders. Her hands are always covered by a pair of hard-wearing gloves made of unidentifiable leather, and a intricate ring studded with pulsating black gems on her right hand. She frequently wears a carved wooden pendant in the shape of a woman hurling a stylised lightning bolt, the symbol of Verossa.

She carries a dagger sheathed horizontally at the small of her back, concealed but sometimes visible in outline beneath her cloak. Occasionally she is trailed by a large, irate raven wearing a small bronze name tag that reads "Huginn".

Her voice is slightly squeaky, and her speech is frequently too quick for casual listeners' comfort. Her accent is clearly M'Chekian, though tinged with something else.

Notable Research

Through her time living on Avlis, Lilliana has been at the forefront of numerous advances in the field of Elementalism. First as apprentice to Sarrena Sunflower and close associate of Vintrinia Carnen, then later as an innovative researcher and powerful practitioner in her own right, Lilly has come to be known as one of the most powerful and skilled Aeromancers in the history of the art.

Lord Kale and the Minor Water Conquering Field Generation Matrix

The first of her major breakthroughs came as part of a call to arms in M'Chek - the undead monster Lord Kale and his legions of Death Warriors had plagued the nation for months, but finally, after several hard fought battles, the location of his secret island fortress had been obtained. A daring secret raid to cut out the heart of his operation and destroy the Lord himself was planned, with mages from many orders gathering to help devise and implement the plan. Some mages focussed on the preliminary bombardment of the island before the main assault, others on scouting island, and others still on how to destroy Kale once and for all when he had been defeated. Lilliana, meanwhile, focussed on the means of staging a surprise attack on an island - ships would not do. An idea was formed - to walk to the island, along the bottom of the sea. To this end Lilly began experimenting with methods for breathing underwater. She quickly discovered that the presence of an Air Elemental would allow people to breathe - they could breathe the elemental's very essence. Obviously, equipping an entire forty-person attack force with an air elemental of their own would be impractical. Instead she devised a means of trapping the vital essence of an air elemental and encasing it in a specially designed tube of glass, capped with brass. Precision-designed valves and tubes allowed a bearer to inhale the essence within, thereby allowing them to breathe underwater. Lilly, in her enthusiasm, declared that this invention had defeated water itself, and named it to reflect this fact. The assault on Kale's island fortress, assisted by the water conquering field generation matrices, went off without a hitch, though Kale himself escaped.

Imitations of Lilliana's original design for the Water Conquering Field Generation Matrix have been made publically available by Humphrey in Port Eridanus, Ferrell. It's continued success is a point of pride to her, though she grows irritable and refuses to comment if questioned on the subject of royalties.

The Vengeful Land

As part of her continuing journey to develop as an Aeromancer, Lilliana took several trips to the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Lightning. A travelogue of her impressions of the plane has been published, and is publically available. In her teaching, she stresses the importance of this trip - or a similar one - to developing Elementalists of any type. She maintains that developing cordial relations with appropriate elementals, starting with learning their language to communicate on their terms, is a vital step to achieving true understanding of your element and achieving the breakthroughs that follow.

Anti-Sahuagin Weapons

During the war against Drotid, Lilliana offered her services to the M'Chekian navy in service of the war effort. A variant of the Water Conquering Field Generation Matrix was developed, substituting the essence of Air and breathing apparatus for an essence of Electricity and a timing mechanism. These weapons could be thrown from the deck of a ship being attacked by Sahuagin raiders to detonate beneath the surface, creating a large electrical explosion that would prove fatal to any unprotected lizards, while leaving the hull of the ship completely undamaged.

Unfortunately the program suffered numerous issues, particularly with the timing mechanism frequently getting flooded and causing the weapon to fail to detonate. By the time these flaws were excised, the power of Drotid's navy had been shattered, and the program was shelved. She continues to cite this invention effort as one of the key pieces of research that led to her finally attaining mastery in her art.

Last Breath

Lilliana's latest and most dangerous piece of research culminated, after many years and many false starts, in the development of a new field of study and a spell unique to her: Last Breath, an Evocation that mimics elemental Vacuum. Based off of the battle magic spell Incendiary Cloud, Last Breath evokes a bolt of pure Vacuum energy that travels to a target location before detonating, immediately and dramatically destroying all air in the vicinity. Air elementals are banished, clouds dissipate, and living creatures in the area risk being torn to pieces by the massive sudden change in pressure unless warded against death magic.

She cautions against the attempted use of Vacuum or other Negative Para-Elements in her teaching, often joking that wielding the Negative Energy admixture of Air is taking years off of her life.