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Miya Ju'ein

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Race: Elf ..or so everyone thinks

Gender: Female

Age: She appears as a middle-aged Elf, now a little bit of silver flecks her once famous red hair.

Origin: Le'Or T'Nanshi

Religious Affiliation: Andrinor

Common Knowledge:

  • Wizard
  • Master Alchemist
  • Master Herbalist
  • Happily Married to the human Dunagan, until his early death while in active service as an Avenger of Dru'El

Current Avlisian Affiliations:

  • Senior Mage, Ivory Order of the Sun, Dormiria

Former Avlisian Affiliations:

Short Biography:

Miya Ju'ien dared to make a home in southern Avlis in the middle of the M'Chek-T'Nanshi_War. The young wizard was painfully shy and terrified of humans. She had a deep aversion to war, and avoided conflict whenever she could, but when she saw how horrible the Spite afflicted those around her, she had to act.

Miya joined the AKN and eventually mastered every known alchemy and herbalist recipe, plus helped develop a few specialized formulas on an as-needed basis. In the process, she became best friends with Jalya Ak'hanrye and was recruited by AKN Headmaster (at the time) Bell Arren to join the Ivory Order of the Sun.

The young wizard flourished in the dual environments of helping others and her welcoming personality and genuine care for others plus her desire to teach and share knowledge made her an ideal candidate for the roles of Relations for both organizations.

Eventually the war passed and she met a human Avenger named Dunagan. Gunny was well loved by his friends and a beloved member of FEAT. The two went on many adventures together and with FEAT or the Ivory Order and eventually Gunny asked Miya to marry him. She happily said yes and the two were blessed by clerics of both Dru'el and Andrinor at their wedding.

Miya was eventually appointed the Ivory Order's Ambassador to The_Seven_Cities where she and Gunny retired to live happily ever after. She made only one trip back to Ferrell: to personally congratulate Jalya & Bell at their wedding.

Miya is now the Senior Mage of Dormiria for the Ivory Order of the Sun and is a common sight among the poor and sick. The hands-on approach she and her now-deceased husband took to 'have their actions speak louder than their words' continues to follow her in every aspect of her life. Active and interested in individuals, the refugees of Dormiria have found in Miya a solid listener and authentic advocate for those in need. Her passion for the ideals of the Ivory Order of The Sun are self-evident and she continues to passionately promote this order while meticulously tending its day-to-day tasks through rallying and recruiting mages posted to the area.