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Ella Armee

Race: Avariel

Origin: Hidden Home, Unrevealed

Age: 120

Current Residence: Isles of Arkaz




Ella Armee is an Avariel with large, naturally-sad eyes and most often a somber expression. She wears armor the colors of the sky, gifted to her by an unknown citizen of Avlis who, her friend Gaklah the Stone told her, knew she would one day do great things for the Avariel. She is has great physical strength for one of her race and uses a weapon in each hand with the ease earned after many years of training. She is most skilled with her whip, found at all times either at her left hip or wrapped around her right forearm, and her Bastard sword, which she wears strapped to her back from right shoulder to left hip.

Ella worships Cha'reth out of respect and has an immense sense of debt and gratitude for him.

She left her childhood home once she became old enough to properly care for herself and strives to learn more of the world. At this point in time, she is learning her way, seeking work and knowledge.