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K'Lari's IG portrait

Name: K'Lari D'ila'mnefer
Age: ~160 Avlissian years old
Date of Birth: July 12, 2008 in Avlissian years.
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Ranger/Rogue

  • D'eraani D'ila'mnefer - Mother
  • Erandurin D'ila'mnefer - Father (Deceased)

Birthplace: Le'Or T'Nanshi
Religion: Olidammara
Currently at: Travelling through the planes
Current Affiliations: None on Avlis
Former Affiliations:

Played by: markschouten
Contact: Avlis boards PM

Portrait of K'Lari made by Nob

K'Lari is a slender female elf. She has violet eyes with a slight hint of yellow in them. She is very agile, which can be seen from the way she moves in battle and in normal life. She almost always wears an elven hat to cover her blonde hair, nobody quite knows why. It's also rumoured to change color when she changes clothing.

K'Lari is an adventurous person. She likes the excitement of adventuring, and the gold that can be made through it. However, she is prone more to relaxation then fighting. If there is a bathhouse in the viscinity, it is very likely that she is enjoying herself there. In combat, however, she is a very skilled warrior who likes to sneak up on her targets, but is also a formidable opponent in direct combat. She is rarely taken by anger, but when she is, it is better to stay out of her way.

K’Lari never had an easy life. She was growing up to be quite the model elven “teenager�?: She excelled at archery, never disobeyed her elders and was showing great promise at magic. But when the war between M’Chek and T’Nanshi started, and her father decided to join the war, everything changed. The last gift her father to her was an elven hat, which was enchanted to grow with her as she aged. Her father was stationed at a small village, and his task was to defend it and assist the villagers with rebuilding. Only a few months after he got there the town was attacked by Elite M’Chekian troops. He was butchered by the troops as he was trying to get the women and children out of the village.

When K’Lari and her mother heard the news they were both devastated. K’Lari managed to get back into her normal life after a year; however her mother got addicted to Fey Wine and didn’t want anyone’s help trying to get sober. The money that her father left to them lasted for two decades, but just when K’Lari was starting to learn how to use magic, their money ran out. K’Lari decided that it was up to her to take care of her mother and quit school to become a petty pickpocket.

When she was nearing her 120th birthday she changed from the model teenager, to a rebel who couldn’t be controlled. She didn’t have much social contact with other people and made it a point to keep it that way. She left her mother to fend for herself when K’Lari lost all hope that she would ever be cured of her addiction. The only thing that remained the same after all those years was the hat that her father gave to her: She always took it with her, wherever she went.

At her 120th birthday she decided to leave Le’Or and do something useful with her life. That very day she saw a recruitment poster for the T’Nanshi Army, and decided to train herself so that she could avenge her father, take back the land that belongs to her homeland, and kill as many M’Chekians as she could, because they were the reason her life was interrupted.

Hearing rumours that it was the place where most adventures go to exercise, she went to Elysia and hoped to learn from their experiences. A few weeks after she arrived she already made a handful a friends and managed to enjoy herself at the Second Solace and many other places of interest in Elysia. It took her a year before she thought that she was ready to join the T’Nanshi army. She fought for revenge and T’Nanshi’s honour while on the battlefield near Blandenburg. She killed many M’Chekians, and it didn’t take long for someone to approach her and ask her to join a special division of the army.

One evening in the Second Solace, K’Lari attended a lecture about the outer planes. At first she thought that it was going to be quite boring, but she was proven wrong only after a few minutes. Because of the thing she heard there, she decided to try and discover ways to travel the planes. Only a few days later she discovered a portal to Ysgard and decided to go there with a couple of her friends. The things she saw there peaked her curiosity even more and she continued to explore other planes.

One day, decades later, she intended to go to Ysgard for a few weeks, but not long after that the portal was closed on both sides. People assume that she got stuck there and can't find a way back.

K'Lari's efforts in Ysgard