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Race: Halfling

Origin, the Nation of Ferrell, leaving behind a now empty hovel - sold it for her starting game gold pieces.

  • Character's history: Mieri Bellmaker was born youngest in a family of 5. Her two brothers were trained to defend her father's mercantilism interests, and Mieri and her mother built bells of all kinds at home to support the family business. Of course, Mieri was a tom-boyish lass, and loved to try and best her larger, older kin at whatever it was they were practicing. She often watched their moves, and worked out a weakness in stance, spacing, or some other way she might make an opportune counter-strike. Well, only one way to test out a theory, right?

"You two look like a buncha half-orcs squeezed in a pint of ale."

Well, that did it.

  • Reasons for character's motivation. Mieri left her home after drastic news came from the Caravan Master's Expedition Shoppe. Her family came too near a necromancer's work after some out of the way battle was fought. The undead minions rose just fine, they just didn't listen to the necromancer's commands at all, and attacked everything in sight!

The necromancer fell to them first, and before anyone knew what was happening, the wizard's last incantations went awry and what was a situation where they could flee from suddenly turned to a desperate trap.

Mieri lost her family, though her mother was still near to her. She cried very dear tears. "Mieri, you are old enough to keep up with these times. I ... I just can't bear it. I am going back home, to that place near Le'Or. Come with an old widow if ye like, I will be taken care of there well enough. There is nothing for me here."

Crying, Mieri said, "I will go with you as far as Le'Or, mother, but then I must go my own way."

Her mother patted her back, "Very well, dear. I think that is for the best. You are grown. Go and make your own way, for us, there is no parting."

Nodding her farewells to Farrel, Mieri and her mother make there way towards the land of the Elves. On the way, a stern look rises in Mieri.

"Those foul mages and their fooling around with things! And ugh, skeletons and such of all the... ! My family have never had any part in that garbage!

. . . But it does NOW!" She stamped her feet, set herself, and kept her mother well-rested along their way, thinking all the time what to do to avenge her good brothers, and her father's demise.