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Father Sirion Be'Litana

Priest and Bard of Cha'reth

Elder Healer of Cha'reth
Member of the AKN
Member of the Bardic Academy

Also known as:

The White Arrow

The Odd Healer



Spends most of his times tending to shrines through out Avlis, cleaning and working around the temples and hospitals and orphanages that have faithful of Cha'reth's followers.

Epic Live Notes

During the battle with the Talons of Evrak, also known as the Bonds of Evrak, Sirion was severely tortured and wounded repeatedly by devices and magic forced upon him, with the aid of Finn, Ellowin, Manual the White, Averas, LB, Nai Lani, Sinn, Tasi, Daemona, Grag, Ed, Ere'n'dhl, Rika, Lady Divinia, Shannen, Kahas, Tralil, Ye'Lith, Keladry, Dannar, Fergus, Warmaster T'eindel, the Bonds of Evrak, and of course Cha'reth.

Father Sirion has no other family other then that of the Healers of Cha'reth.

Sirion Be'Litana
Race: Changeling
Classes: Cleric, Bard
Guild affiliations: Healer's of Cha'reth, Advancement in Knowledge of Nature (AKN), Bardic Academy of Visimontium
Most active on server: Wilderness
Contact: [{{{PM}}} Leave a message]