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Russell Andrews

Name: Russell Andrews
Race: Half-Nymph
Height: 5feet 7inches
Weight: 150 lbs.
Build: A toned, muscular frame
Voice: Baritone
Skin tone: Fair

Russ was born to a tribe in Jechran were as a male he was a virtual slave. His Father was a Mage and Priest of Forian, and an O’ma Nymph who fell in love with a Woman who was a Priestess of Dra’Ana. Their relationship was unique in the tribe, for his father was not like a typical male. He was actually a foreigner from the lands of T’Nanshi that had been injured, and was taken in by the tribe to be healed. It took many months, and during this time, Russ’ parents came to love one another.

When Russell was born, his mother felt it was best to raise the child as was custom by the tribe. He was meant to do menial labor, and be a breed for future generations. It took a long time for his father to realize what was to happen to his son. He stole his son away when Russell was 10, and set off towards the southern lands. They journeyed, and in that time he taught the young Russell about Magic, and Forian, and how to live in the moment. Russell dual nature also started to surface during this time. Where his chaotic self, and his serious side would come into conflict. Chaos almost always won out.

He parted company with his Father, who always changed his name from one moment to another, shortly after entering the Southern Lands. He decided to take up a name his Father routinely used as a surname Andrews, and started his life in the south.

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