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Patrick Briams is a human Wizard from M'Chek. As an established member of the Ivory Order of the Sun, he is a master of... basically nothing. He was most active in Elysia until its Shaahesk occupation. His interests include Abjuration, alchemy, and herbalism.

Patrick has a pseudodragon familiar named Ocala.

The adventure begins

Born in a small farming village near Finmaegen Keep, Patrick is the son of James and Sarah Briams. While growing up, Patrick enjoyed getting into trouble, fighting with his younger sister, Grace, as well as fantasizing about being an adventurer. Despite his parents' wish for him to be a merchant, Patrick travelled to Mikona to study magic as soon as he turned 16.

During his stay in Mikona, Patrick escorted an elderly Red mage back to the Red Tower. As a reward, the Red mage offered to introduce Patrick to one of the mage orders. He chose Ivory. Days later, he was contacted by Ivory Order's recruiter, Hester Greenthumb, and eventually became an initiate.

(To be continued...)

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