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Hester practicing illusions in the library

Hester Greenthumb

Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Diety: Berryn
Class: Sorcerer
Current Residence: Ferrell
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Known Affiliations:


Hester has brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. She favors short skirts, tall boots, and a charming hat.


Hester's Parents have a farm in Ferrell and with the help of her two younger brothers Milo and Damo, farm a comfrey patch in the Southlands. She tends to spend most of her time when not teaching with Miss Frieda Mouze, Mister Mhog and Miss Dan'eth of Mirtho. She has a wide circle of friends and associates too numerous to list.


Hester discovered her magical talents at an early age when she got upset one day with her brother Milo about something trivial and accidentally zapped him with a magic missile spell. Soon after her parents sent her to Elysia to study magic with the Ivory Order of the Sun. She blossomed under the artificing tutelage and friendship of Miss Marin a member of Ashen Order of the Stars and discovered that she had a knack for teaching artificing to other mages. She is the manager of Magical Aspirations at Elf Gate in Elysia, where she currently holds quarterly wand making lessons, to share the knowledge of artificing with other casters. She joined Avlis Carpentry Enterprise (ACE) not long after heading to Elysia to study magic and has so far worked her way up to JourneyHin.
On one trip to the twigs up in the canopies, Hester was savagely attacked by a mutant twig, that took a very large chomping bite from her right calf. She's most often seen sporting various staffs that add to her magely attire, but if one were to watch her closely, she does walk with a limp that she tries to hide. This attack, brought about a fascination with golem building, when she found that golems couldn't be hurt by twigs.
In her free time, Hester enjoys making engraved and studded smoking pipes for herself and her friends, spending time with friends and still trying to make up her mind if she will fully commit to her illusion studies.

Friends & Known Associates

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