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Biography of Seretah Aylown (still in draft)
Race : Half-Elf
Age : 21


Her early years

Seretah was born in Blandenberg, the village now torn apart by the war. Her mother was a beatiful elven woman, a former druid of T'Nanshi. Her father a simple farmer, living from the things the soil provided them with.

When the war began, Seretahs parents refused to leave. With youthful optimism, they figured both sides would come to their senses soon enough. Alas, it continued for years to come, until her father became to old to leave. In these desperate times, Seretah was born.

Life was almost impossible, always a struggle for survival. Even as a baby, Seretahs chances for survuval seemed slim at most. Some call it a miracle she survived those years, some call it destiny...

During her childhood, Seretah recieved various visions. She payed little to no attention to it. Everyone dreams, right?

At the age of 16, Seretah decided to leave her home. During the night, she left her parents and made a run for the wilds. After a while, she was completely lost in the wilderness. Luckely - or was it destiny? - an elven druid of Titania found her and guided her back home. Before they reached the warzone however, a crazed black bear surprised them. The druidess fell by its claws, just when she called for lightning to her aid. Thunderclouds gathered around. The bear, now focusing on Seretah, growled. Seretah on her part was stunned. Just in that split second when the bear was about to attack, Seretah screamed and the fallen druidess finished her spell with her last breath. Lightning fell down from the sky, reducing the bear to mere ashes. However, not only the bear was hit. Miracilously, Seretah survived the lightning bolt without a single scratch. Trembling and in total panic, she rushed home, before daylight returned.

5 years passed.

At the age of 21, something dreadful happened. M'Chekan soldiers rushed into her home, claiming they needed the house as a base of operations. Her mother refused this, she wanted nothing to do with the war.

An arrow entered the room. The squad was spotted! Elven raiders! In one quick moment, a fresh new recruit stabbed Seretahs mother in the back, thinking she was an elven soldier and sold them out. Her father tried to come to his aid, but to late. He was - ironicly - put down by the arrow that was meant for her mothers attacker.

A vision. Thunder. A sword. A face. A temple.

Seretah snapped. She screamed in the exact same manner she did 5 years ago. Lightning clouds gathered above her home, and thunder like few have seen charged down the surface. One split second, and her house, her father, her mother, the entire M'Chekan squad were reduced to ashes. Sparks of electricity still jumped off her body, as Seretah realised what happened.

She fell to the ground. One or two days passed, as she regained conciousness. She realised that the chaos of battle was to blame for all of this. Her parents had nothing to do with this, what happened did not need to happen... Or did it?

She burried their remains, and headed for Mikona. She would seek out a guide to the Order of the Way, the one place where she could find order and inner peace.

Fate decided otherwise. As she entered the City of Mikona, she was guided by an unknown force towards the temple district. The Sword!!! She recognized the symbol on the temple!!! Totally exhausted, she entered the temple. The face! She recognized the man standing at the altar, even though she didn't know his name. Roland Barre, cleric of Toran. This was the face...

Everything fell in place. Her visions. Every painful experience in her life. Every joy, every tear. She understood it was destiny. She was ready. Ready to spread the word, ready to serve Him.