PCs:Madon "Madness" Dethrune

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Name :Madon Dethrune

Race: Human Romini

History: Not much can be said about the dark haired blue gray eyed youth standing before you. He seems like just another mercenary or adventurer that comes to Mikona in seek of glory, honor and riches. This is but the surface until you look deeper into the eyes of this man. There is eternal depthness to his eyes and torrment that most men would rather have left this plane instead of facing it. Madon is haunted by a past he cannot grasp. His mind has been fragmented and he knows not why. His childhood is but images that are fleeting and erratic. He knows his mother was a great warrior and his father was a armorsmith that fell in love with her. One of his firt clearest images is only a when he woke up on the outskirts of Mikona. He had very few belongings and all seemed to be in disrepair. He brought his hand up to scratch his face and to his horror, they were made of metal. He could not feel anything at all. Fear wracked his body as he tried to comprehend what has happened to him. He examined the the hands and noticed that they were made of hundreds of articulated pieces of black metal. They were of the finest craftsmanship he had ever seen and for some reason he knew that the process of making the gauntlets would need a master smith. Madon has terrible time picking delicate things up since has no sense of feeling with his hands. All he knows now he must seek answers and how to restore his hands back to him and to take the cursed things off him.

Present History: Throough the time has arrived in Mikon, is life has changed. He has learned to accept the metal hands for he seems not to be able to find anyone that can aid him. Through his martial prowess, he has began the path in mastering the blade. Certain circumstances have also changed his life. He was horribly attacked by the Sereg while visiting Delgos. Revenge was all he sought, but noble allies guided his fury into becoming a protector of M'Check. He joined the army in the pursuit of protecting the people and the lands that he presently calls home. He still has wandering blood and wants to see the world as well as other worlds. For now he will do his duty and travel with friends when he can.