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Name: Rule Acumen
Race: Human
Positions Held:


Rule is a young human that grew up on the street of Kuras. His father was a drunkard and beat his wife when he would come home drunk. When Rule was old enough to defend himself he beat his father to a bloody pulp one night trying to save his mother from a regular wife beating session. Rule was completely disgusted when his mother actually defended his father and began beating Rule with a broom handle. Rule left home that very night and swore never return to his parents. “Let them rot, they deserve each other,” he said to himself as he walked out the door.

Life on the streets was hard and Rule has become even harder from it. His left eye twitches regularly, but he does not notice and it does not hinder his abilities. His body is covered with self-inflicted and other battle scars. He is covered in tattoos and has several piercings on his face and ears.

Rule has become obsessed with maintaining order in his life. He has a habit of arranging things to be in line with each other or facing a certain direction. One thing he attempts to control is his physical abilities. He is not educated formally beyond an elementary level, but he has gained much wisdom on the streets during his young life. He trains compulsively to make sure he can meet any physical challenge and any defeats drive him even harder.

Rule’s main concern is serving himself. He will help others as long as he receives some benefit, whether it be gold or a returned favor. His life motto is, “What’s in it for me?”