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Name: Havian O Dryinos

Breed of an elv woman and a human father, Havian was wondering in Mikona, not understanding how unfiting his pointed ears and long nose were to the human inhabitants of the city. His mother was lynched in an early fase of the war and his father, who never bared the loss, died of misery half crazy some years later. But this is long before Havian remembers. Growing adolesent with no more than the slice of bread thrown to him occasionally, he learned to hunt and gather things from the plant life of baren M'Chek. Later he became en errand boy for a while untill he was introduced by the famous Jack Night to the art of Carpentry. After this and with the rumors of a new guild being set for carpenters he moved to Elysia with a boat and then Found Paradise in the close by T'Nanshi Where he pledged alliance to the Elves and asked for a permission to Stay. T'Nanshi had it all minus the scorn of Humans... What Havian is mostly interested in is to become a legendary carpenter and he enjoys membersip in ACE, either connecting his name to Artefacts or even better .... huge sculptures, decorations of temples in the glory of any good god! (yes he IS Polytheist as he is multi-racial!). He has picked up some elven Vocabulary and he is fast to learn any art. Good natured but bad to grasp the innest feeling of people and often socially clumpsy. Maybe the alcohol or the mellowsmoke have something to do with that..