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Name: Dilvish Eglath

Race: Human

Birthplace: Unknown

Age: Unknown

When Dilvish was around 5 to 7 years old, his village was attacked by Orcs and everyone older than 15 was murdered. Children were then taken to mines, where they were mining metals for the Orcs. After 2 years of slavery, the mines were raided by elves. All the children were freed and taken to a city. Dilvish believes, it was Elysia. Still in the mines, Dilvish managed to save an elf, by killing an orc with a stone. After the children were taken to the city, Dilvish hid himself in one of the vagons and was found just before entering the elven settlement. He was then raised by Silvius, father of the young elf he saved.

Silvius had 2 sons. The younger one was Luthral. He didn't like Dilvish at first, but afted Dilvish saved him from falling from a rock, they became true brothers. They were learning with the bow together, but Dilvish was attracted to magic, because Silvius was a powerful wizard. He began sneaking into Silvius's library in the night and study on his own. After an accident with his first attempt to create a small bolt of lightning, Silvius revealed himself, that he was watching him every night and started to teach him.

When the boys were around 17, they were first time on a raid on one of the orc camps in the area. They were sneaking closer to the camp, but Dilvish broke a branch and they were detected. Luthral got hit by a poisoned arrow and died before Dilvish could drag him back to the others.

Accused of irresponsibility and possible murder, Dilvish was banished from his home and wandered the lands. At last he came to Elysia, where his destiny started to shape itself.