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Savannah of the Corlan Tribe

Race: Human
Birthplace: Jechran
Current Residence: Elysia

Accent: Savannah speaks fluent common, but has a distinct Jechrani accent.


From a young age, Savannah was raised to become a priestess of her tribe. In the often harsh jungles of southern Jechran, it was also important to be a formidable fighter and to be able to contribute to the tribe through the hunt. She was only sixteen years old when her life was changed forever by the Shaahesk. While off hunting alone, the Shaahesk raided her tribe, taking some as slaves and leaving everyone else dead. Savannah returned to the grisly site and was forced to run or risk capture by the lizard slavers.

Nowhere near her home was safe at the time, so she was forced to become a wanderer. For two years she wandered through the mountains of Deglos and the wilderness of T'Nanshi until she came to the city of Elysia when she received a task to find something in the wizard Drenan's Tower. By Dre'Ana's will, she met several of the Warrior Maidens who helped her recover the items. Not long after, she was inducted into the Warrior Maidens where she continues to serve to this day.