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Name: Evelynn Rift
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Hometown: Visimontium
Class: Psi-mage
Familiar: Maya
Known guild affiliations:

You can contact Evelynn leaving a note for her at:

Most active in: Evelynn now resides in Mikona and is usually found wandering either in the marketplace or outside Kero's. She is anyway often seen traveling using the portal in the marketplace, either to go back home in Visimontium or to one of the other places that offers portal services.


Eve is a young girl with red hair and beautiful light purple eyes. Apart from her strange colored eyes, anyway, Evelynn is a rather common looking girl: she's not beautiful nor ugly, of average height and not excessively slim. She really isn't one people remembers for her look, for good or bad.

Eve usually wears nice dresses and, since when Latanya gave it to her, a cloak adorned with a web pattern. Clashing with her eyes and hair, she usually wears black and dark blue outfits. At her side she always keeps a shoulder bag, in which she keeps most of her treasured things, including her grimoire: for that very reason, she never leaves the bag around, and checks it regularly.

Known facts

The following sections are about the known facts about Evelynn: her past (the early days in Visimontium) and what happened to her since when she left home. While Eve herself will tell others about those things, not everyone knows about them in detail, or at all. (It is then up to you to decide how much your character knows of these events.)







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