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Race: Human

A Simple Life:

Methuselah was raised in a small farm village in Northern M'Check, had been forced to migrate south near Blandenburg due to the war with the Elves of T'Nanshi. All his families possessions were lost and as a result, he and his parents were very poor, and struggled to survive the hard times the war had brought about.

While not very bright or overly athletic, Methuselah was not much more than a poor farmer like his parents. He had always dreamed of one day leaving the farm and moving to the city, as he did not much care for farming. At the time, he had no idea that this dream would come true, though not in the way he would have hoped it would.

By the time he was twenty his mother became very ill and required medicine from the city to get better. Methuselah's father sent him with their families savings to purchase an antidote from a merchant in Mikona. The journey took a few days, and Methuselah had found the merchant and purchased the antidote with the money his father gave him, and returned home to find the small village in ruins and several of the houses ablaze. He ran into his home to find it ransacked. His father, dead, slumped over his mother's body, bloody footprints all over.

Methuselah tracked the rogue band for several weeks before finally finding them holed up in a cave to the east of the road to Mikona. Bugbear bandits, and nasty ones, just about got the better of him and left him for dead.

A Purpose:

Methuselah was rescued by a soldier of the M'Check army who was out on patrol. The kind soldier took Methuselah to his barracks and cared to him. The soldier himself was an older fellow whomuch reminded Methuselah of his father, thus he called him his uncle, even though the old soldier wasnot his real uncle.

Over the next few years, Methuselah's uncle taught him how to use a sword and how to defend himself. Had taken him on patrols with him, and taugh him basic field tactics.

Though Methuselah's uncle was an excellent soldier, there came a day when he did not return from the warzone. Alone once again, Methuselah had taken the remaining belongings from his uncle's roomand set out to Mikona, to seek out his own destiny and help others whenever they needed it.

The Big City:

Methuselah lived in Mikona for a while making a living off of selling potions and supplies to adventurers and other merchants. He had become very adept at mixing potions of all sorts and even tried his hand at blacksmithing with some success.

He grew very tired of the same routine and sought more excitement, so he did what any other curious individual would do, venture the hostile wilderness of Avlis.

Methuselah's travels first led him to Elysia, an even bigger city than Mikona,a great place to further his trade networks. He stayed there for a while, hunting dangerous spiders and learning new recipes for his crafts. Again though, the life of the city had slowly began to unsettle him as it did in Mikona. He set off again, but this timeit was for adventure.

The Army:

During his adventures, Methuselah had met several members of the M'Check Army. Magnus Kahn in paticular had rescued Methuselah from a situation that would have seen the end of his life.

Magnus took Methuselah to safety and on the way, warned him of the dangers the wilderness presented. As he watched Magnus dispatch bandits with great ease wielding a bastard sword in each hand,left Methuselah in awe at Magnus' prowess in battle. From about that time on, Methuselah had began to emulate Magnus by himself learning to wield two swords.

Other army members also had a great impact on Methuselah's developement. Warlen Vigniak, Rhissaerk Jalesh, Lt. Cain Koran and many others inspired Methuselah to join the M'Check army. He quickly rose through the ranks and had become amember of the Elite Alpha Squad.

Methuselah showed great promise to his peers and his superiors took great notice as well. He was very successful in every mission he went on. Though one or two may have went awry, Methuselah and his fellow Alpha Squad members always seemed tomake it out on top.

He had even become known among some of his enemies, though he never actually fought any officers of the Nanshi army. His generosity among newcomers to the army as well as his efforts in recruit training had earned him some merrit and eventually a promotion.

When the Malekites allied with the M'Check Army, Methuselah spent much time with them and befriended one Reaver in particular, Bulir Fenik. This was a dark turning point during his time in the army as Bulir and other Reavers had slowly began to affect Methuselah's judgement.

After a wake-up call with the aid of Peregryne Twostep, Methuselah realized that he needed to better educate himself if he were to make better decisions and more sound judgement in the future. He signed up for lessons at the Acadmy of Mortal Magic. The general idea was that mages were smart, and if he became a mage, he would have to be smart too. Another poor judgement, but with at least some good reason. To take one step further down the rabbit hole, Methuselah had petitioned for membership to the Blue Order of the Sky.

Goodbye Forever:

One day during a routine patrol with a few soldiers, Methuselah came across a rogue band of Nanshi Warriors. After an intitial skirmish, the Nanshi's fled north through the woods and Methuselah and troops gave chase.

They had tracked the group to a cave near Deglos, where they believed was a secret hideout. After some discussion the Methuselah ordered the soldiers to return to Finmaegen Keep and report their findings and also for reinforcement. Methuselah went into the cave to scout alone.

Following their trail, Methuselah had eventually gotten himself lost in the cave and found himself deep in Deglos. With no idea how to return home, Methuselah pushed forward in hopes of finding his way out. After missreading a sign posted with direction to Nutz and went the other way instead getting himself even more lost.

He eventually found himself in an inn which also happened to be an acadamy of mortal magic. Confused by the location, he again wandered aimlessly and stumbled into aportal to another world. There is no knowing where he is or even if he is still alive.

Methuselah was never seen again.

I would have added more names of other characters that he knew, but it's been so long since I've even been on the boards I can't remember them all.