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Harvey Boekhorst
Race: Human

Harvey was raised by a small group of monks in a small village of no importance. He doesn't know who his parents were, as the monks who raised him never told him. He quickly discovered that the way he saw himself and his life was completely different from the way the other members of his order saw it, so he decided to 'leave' (or run away as some might call it) as soon as he judged himself capable of surviving on his own. People who know the modern Harvey say that the monks have taught him discipline and focus, but privately Harvey is convinced that he learned two completely different things: the conviction that there must be more to live than living it in a small middle-of-nowhere village, and a healthy dislike of 'orders and organizations' (or 'cults' as he likes to call them). This does not mean Harvey is opposed to law and order; clearly, rules and regulations must be there to create some kind of working society. It only means that he has a strong dislike for people who believe they are 'better' then he is because they are part of some cult. Even worse are people who think they can tell him what to do; Harvey has no problems following laws and rules (or doing things because he thinks they are the right things to do), but he gets upset if he gets the impression that people are telling him what to do because they are member of the 'Great Celestial Order of the Golden Sprout' and he is not.

Harvey has always had a strong interest in all things having to do with magic, but the clerical business has never really been his thing. There is no real challenge in believing in the gods; if you mumble a bit (and wave your hands if you think you must) somebody gets struck by lightning. However, as Harvey sees it, it wasn't really YOU doing this, was it? It was your god! Where is the challenge in this?

So he has decided to become a powerful sorcerer (and has been working on this ever since).