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Hawk is a massive Half-Ogre druid. His mother was a up and coming druid in the forest of T'Nanshi near the elven city of Le'Or. His father was a grunt in a band of marauding orges. When Hawk's father passed by her grove they kidnapped her and she was held captive until her death during Hawk's birth. His mother's mentor who was away had returned to learn of his apprenctice's fate. He stormed the camp killing every Ogre there until he ran into the infant Hawk in the arms of his dead mother. The druid who saw no need for killing such innocence took Hawk under his wing and taught him everything that he taught his mother. When the time came the druid released Hawk into the world noting that the only thing for Hawk left to learn was how to live and protect the forest on his own. Hawk is a devout follower of Dagath's cycle and believes that everything should take its course and interference should only occur when the cycle is threatened. Thus like many of Dagath's followers he hates undead with a passion and sees them as a spit in the face to his god. Hawk in general is a kind soul who has an deep tempered rage that few want to see come to the surface. He can be seen in the forest of T'Nanshi or in the city of Elysia with his comanion Wyrmeater a small hawk that he took care of from birth after the death of its mother. The two share and inseperable bond.