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Race: Human
Classes: Entrepreneur
Guild affiliations:
Most active on server: Mikona
Contact: [TBA Leave a message]

Current goals:

  • Cave exploring trip/vacation.
  • A steady backup job (It's only nice to adventure if the weather is good.)
  • Find an affordable house.

Last lunchboxes.png

History, most recent first

  • Makes an awkward first impression to Silver over possible recruitment.
  • Returns after long trip, to deliver last 100 boxes.
  • Delivers first 100 boxes, goes on vacation for the profits.
  • Starts up a Lunchbox enterprise, sells a few until a big contract to Blackhawks.
  • Lost her shadow. (Mikona weather and a light source make this very hard to see.)
  • Extending stay in Mikona (many errands), met good friends (Kate, Alice, Vaako)
  • Been working as a courier in the Seven Cities, got to Mikona for a work delivery

Elena's writings

The mist

Waking up hungry. Why am I awake? There's a thick mist outside, and it looks like it's almost morning. I dress, but is strangely distant in thought... why dress? I don't plan on going out... *flicker* ...side. Huh? She's in a dark archway, it feels bright, as if the eyes weren't used to the light. She close her eyes to give them time to adapt and walks a few steps out on to a larger street. Soon there's footsteps... (to be continued)


(Some words hastily jotted down) Star Hands City Buried