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Tissa's little spot

A Dryad In Spring

(loses something in the translation from dryad)

Wake Up Wake Up
I sang to the tree… Spring has arrived
Cant you see, cant you see…
Unfurl your leaves, pump the sap through your heart..
Its time to Wake Up, and make a new start!

The cool Earth calls you to bury your Roots
The warm Sun calls you to push up new Shoots!
So much lost time that you have to make up..
Spring in here, Spring is here!, and its time to Wake Up!

I sing and I dance and I move and am free..
Hear me sing!, Hear me sing!.. I sang to the tree….
The World sings with joy and the reason is clear!
Wake up, Tree! Wake up! Spring is here, Spring is here!


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Scripting Dryad

The Tree stirred without movement,
and spoke without sound,
With arms high in the air, roots deep in the ground..
I hear you young dryad, and your Song I take up
Winter is over and its time to Wake Up.

Yes yes! I sang. Wake up now, it is Time..
As I ran from the Oak to the Birch to the Pine
Hear me All, feel my Joy, I sang to the trees
From the mightiest Ancients, to the smallest of seeds..

We hear you, young dryad! The Trees called with Love,
With Roots down below and branches above.
The Sun in the Sky, the air, warm and clear
The Forest rejoices, Spring is here, Spring is here!


Being a Dryad

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Scripting Dryad

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