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Aiken, Jacksen
Name: Jacksen Aiken

Nickname: Jax

Age: Early Twenties


Race: Human ( Imperial)

Gender: Male

Class: Sorcerer/Fighter/Weapon Master

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Birthplace: Denevier, Trenium, Kurathene Empire

Residence: Tower of the Sky, Derrington Keep, M'Chek


Research and Areas of Interest:


Standing just a few shades shy of six and a half feet and broad of shoulder, the man certainly represents a surname like Aiken.

Once the owner of a pair of steel-blue eyes, the magus marked the halfway point of his second decade with the loss of the left, leaving a heavy scar spilling down from under the eyepatch he now wears. His hair is a rich brown and falls in long layers about his head, framing it well, and at times tied back or with some partial braiding. Strong, symmetrical features with a solid jawline and a brush of beard completes the portrait.

His physical presence, facial hair, and pierced ears would make him easily taken for some traveling mercenary or sailor, if he were not most often in his armored mage robes. Said robes are well maintained and kept as clean as manageable without being obsessed, the chainmail and plates shined and polished. His weapon of choice is maintained equally if not more so, a large curved sabre blade with an elongated handle, often visible slung over his back if not leaning against a nearby object.

Jacksen tends to stand with good posture though no one would call it perfect, and appears generally comfortable in the way he holds himself. Whether this is just confidence, the ease of the charismatic, or a product of imperial upbringing - it could be a combination. He speaks well and intelligently with a distinctly Trenish accent.



Born in Denevier, the third of four children, there is little of great reknown to relate about Jacksen's childhood. In a family filled with naval and military service, pocked with shipwrights, and dotted with those of arcane inclination - aside the ups and downs associated with various Imperial conflicts and consolidations, the early years of Jacksen's life were relatively pleasant.

His sorcerous potential was first noted while attending an institute of public schooling, whereupon the decision was made to transfer his studies to the nearest academy of the arcane - as is the norm for many a mage in the former lands of Kuras. Years later, with militant inclinations and an uncle's sponsorship, he would complete his obligations to that institution before entering the Imperial War Mage Academy to complete his base educations.

The exact details are unimportant, but it can be assumed without any active conflicts, one way or the other he opted out of immediate entry into the Corps in favor of broadening and furthering his training around the continent.

Martial Magus

Finding his footing in the South after an undocumented amount of sea-faring, Aiken entered the populace of southern spellswords - blending his arcane and martial talents in various tavern-launched adventures and escapades. For a time he pursued both paths near equally, even training under the Weapons Masters Donan Hull and Vugor Gerz. The latter would have the greater effect on his particular style of combat, the large ogrekin teaching him the method of Twelve Cuts. A style he continues to employ today, though lacking the dextrous flourishes and twists of personal preference, in light of his ocular misfortune - the more economic and power-driven cuts of today perhaps more fittingly resembling his one time instructor.

While his arcane studies overtook the martial, becoming his primary focus, the blended capabilities are still often on display in the field.

The Trust

Already holding an obvious inclination toward his Order-to-be, many an Imperial magi holding membership themselves, it would not take long for Jacksen to approach this base of familiarity and formally acquire an Initiateship under the eyes of Soinii Rika and Meribo Shrel. Months later he would become a full Magus of the Blue Order of the Sky after demonstrating his discipline and commitment to furthering his sorcerous abilities.

Work In Progress