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At the young age of 5, Dante was showing great signs of sorcery. He was manifesting while in a comatose state. They told everyone he was ill and during this time no one saw him except his stepparents and the local Mikon priest. The priest didn’t know what was happening and his stepparents were worried. So, knowing his and his older sister’s given names, they sent out a search for their biological parents. Two months later, their parents were found and the search was over. When they had spoken to his parents they told them that they knew what has happening to him and to send Dante to them immediately. They knew that his sister, Sephira, would ask if he was all right and would want to know what had happened to him. So, out of fear and desperation they told her that he had died.

Two full years he stayed in this comatose state. Everyday, for those two years, his parents tried everything to keep him alive and to bring him out of his coma. One day, while they were sleeping, the blue fire that had been manifested around him for 2 years dissipated. He woke suddenly and fell out of his bed. Now, 7 years old, he found himself somewhere he had no knowledge of, yet it all seemed so familiar. His parents heard the ruckus and rushed in quickly to see if he was all right. To their surprise, he was finally awake. From that day forward they told him of his heritage and taught him everything they knew. They even told him about his sister and where he could find her. So, after he had turned the age of 17 he set off to find his sister. Seven years he has been looking and he hasn’t stopped yet.