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Diabolina Profile Picture

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Race: Elf Half-Nymph

Origin: Jechran Wastes

Age: 93 (equivalent to 19 in human-years)

Current Residence: None


Diabolina In Game Portrait

Physical Characteristics and Dress

Exquisitely beautiful even by half-nymph standards, Diabolina possesses midnight eyes, a light gray skin, and raven hair so dark that it almost glows black. She possesses a thick "deep woods" Jechranian accent which harks back to Jechranian nature spirits, and is clearly most comfortable making as little compromise as possible for human standards of dress. In this latter regard, she particularly enjoys modeling lingerie. She is a known spellcaster, and in addition, bears an oversize greatsword across her back cloaked by an invisibility spell.

Her mannerisms, while pleasant especially for men, are wild and unpredictable. At times, for no apparent reason, she is overcome with murderous rage, to be instantly replaced with intense sweetness, as if two entirely different personalities war within her.


Diabolina arrived in Elysia from the deep wilds of Jechran, and has been seen in both Le'Or and Elysia quite frequently. She joined Le'Megan Telesia as a volunteer legionnaire, and is known to associate with others in that group, especially Kaz'shardra. Off duty, she is often seen in the company of Delurion, though the extent of their relationship is unknown.

Most recently, Diabolina caused an uproar in Elf Gate by boldly stating that Elysia bore much responsibility for the Drotid war. She argued the reparations Elysia demanded of Drotid at the end of the T'Nashi(Elysia)/M'Chek(Drotid) war (including the involuntary servitude Elysia subjected their military leadership to), caused the normally factional Shaahesk to unite in hatred, which led directly to the new war and Drotid's surprising strength. Her ideas were not received well, and despite her status as a volunteer for the defense of Elysia, she was accused of treachery, and turned to stone by surprise by a spell cast without warning behind her back. She was reanimated, but such was the general dislike of Diabolina's message that her attacker (Tall Dameon) was not charged with any crime.

She also apparently has strange religious beliefs, and thinks that the Supreme, Avlis's original deity, is still active as he ever was in the world - he just acts in his own unique way, always indirectly, preferring to remain hidden.

She is presently an initiate in the violet order.

OOC Game Engine Information

Follow these instructions to see Diabolina's portrait in game.

  • Right-click on the portrait above, and save Diabolina.jpg as a file in your local portraits directory. Save as "diabolina.jpg". All lower case.
  • Start Neverwinter Nights, but do not go into multiplayer mode. Instead, start a new game or load an existing one.
  • Hit the tilde key "~" to start the console.
  • Type "ConvertPortrait diabolina" and hit a return.
  • Exit the game. (You may also remove diabolina.jpg).
  • You will now see her portrait when you see her in game.