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T. Esmond Dane
Race: Human
Classes: Sorcerer Equalizer
Most active on server: M'Chek
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Timo Esmond Dane (T. Esmond) is the heir and first born son of Agatha Dane and Harlan Tochi'larian.

Esmond grew up surrounded by the best tutors his mother and father could bring to the island Sargone. His studies have included, but are not limited to, swordsmanship, martial code and ethics,literature and the arts, history, and even arcane theory. Recently he has taken an absorbed interest in the later, fueling his own manifestation of sorcery.

Head South Young Man, Head South

With the passing of his eighteenth birthday he was awarded a few items from the family armory, a sufficient amount of coin, and permission to board one of the Empire's fleet ships for passage to Mikona.

Esmond was raised with a reverence for Mikon. He was also surprised to learn how much he already knew of the customs and culture of Negaria's southern lands. With the gifts bestowed up him, his early education and exposure to southern customs Esmond was far more prepared then he knew to stake his own claim in Southern Negaria - actions fitting for the name Tochi'larian.

Life in Mikona

Settling into a daily life happened quickly enough for Esmond. He was afforded a suitable apartment by his aunt Grace in Burnham's Suites. Here he found the privacy he needed yet wasn't secluded from the happenings within the city.

His discovery of Mikona included much, and the meeting of many people of note within the City. The Magus Robert Wallace introduced him to the Ashen Order of the Stars.

Perhaps so far the most fateful meeting has been with an Equalizer named Kero. Kero meet with Esmond one evening at the Keep of Equaloria. From there they traveled to Blandenberg and were given an audience with Lord Dunster. With the lord's permission Esmond was allowed to begin training at the Equalizer Center in Blandenberg.