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Josoph Billearn
Race: Dryad/Human (see below)
Can found in: Elysia

Josoph's mother Lusa is a stern, matronly noble born to a wealthy family outside Elysia. Though she is Half-Dryad, 58-year old Lusa favors her human father and is clearly showing the telltale wrinkles and signs of human old age. Her inherited family fortune has all but dwindled after years of frivolous living and putting Josoph through expensive schooling.

Josoph's father Zimne'thee is an uncommonly handsome dryad whose life-giving oak tree happens to be in the Noble District of Elysia (and has been there since before Elysia was even built). In the process of adapting to this new city environment, Zimne'thee met and fell in love with Lusa, and with her family's money they bought and moved into a large mansion just yards from his oak tree. There they raised their only son Josoph. Josoph had a sheltered life but was given the best education that money could buy. At the Elysian Governor's School, the young boy acquired a serious interest in politics and law. And although he was a bit frail and not very good at it, he stubbornly persisted in trying to learn the arts of sword-play and archery. Through it all, he was guided and coached by an old friend of his father's: the frequently intoxicated and shrill voiced pixie, Jim Jarmalee.