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To view Ang's portrait In Game, place these files in your NWN Portraits folder: Link

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Residence: Mikona and Eastshore's Black Light

Affiliations and Titles:

  • Dark Knight of the Slaughterlord
  • Sailor (including duty in the service of Lord Ayren Lyandric Milen)
  • Founder of the Sons of M'Chek
  • Midnight Mercenary Company (retired)
  • DOER!

About: Angus Blacksail is about 5'10", brown-eyed, and lean, with slightly wavy black hair running down and behind his ears. His features and body are fairly symmetrical, and he is either perpetually clean-shaven (unlikely) or just doesn't grow facial hair. He has good, clear skin, straight teeth, and decent enough posture. He was born in a small coastal town north of Eastshore, something that along with his fervent, unquestioning, and outspoken M'Chekian patriotism he takes great pride in.

The first thing somebody would notice if Angus were in his usual shirtless state is a wide, ragged, poorly healed scar running diagonally from a couple of inches below his right nipple to just over his heart. He has nearly two dozen tattoos ranging greatly in size, and it's clear that they were all done at different times and with varying levels of skill. It's also clear that they were all originally black but that at some point he had many of the black portions inked over in dark purple. Most are the names of ships or women (almost all of the latter struck through crudely), but most notable are 1) a black-sailed corsair sailing over a purple ocean covering his whole back; 2) a black sun rising over a purple sea with black sun-streaks on his chest, also large; 3) a black tattoo in bold, gothic script that reads "'M'CHEK FOREVER" on the inside of his left forearm; 4) a matching one in the same style and area of his opposite forearm that says "NEVER SURRENDER"; 5) the symbol of Maleki tattooed at the spot where his collarbones meet; and 6) the words "Love, Drotid" scar-carved jaggedly into the base of his ribcage on his right side.

His general demeanor is cheerful, vacuous, and self-absorbed, and anyone around him will see that he's quick to laugh and make jokes. He drinks heavily and often, favoring Black Knight Malt, Silver Apple Gin, and especially a concoction known as "Blackjack" that he co-invented with his best friend, Ol' Jack Barton. But whether as a result of some basic personality disorder, an unending affinity for banned substances, or vivid memories - real, imagined, or made up for the sake of convenience - many people have also seen how mercurial he can be, laughing alongside you one minute, fighting you the next.