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Isard, a Half-blood of some kind, is a slender being of long limbs and fair skin. His body, although not containing the bulk and meat of a warrior, still manages to give the appearance of wiry strength. His face is a chiseled, mature thing of high cheek-bones and elegant masculinity framed by strands of straight, brown hair. His eyes are the lightest shade of blue, and they gaze about with opennness.

High upon his brow-hidden by a bit of his hair-is the barest of scars. Appearances can be deceiving, but the faint wound might have been made by a branding iron, or perhaps a blast of scorching heat. Further down along his body-just below his chin-is a similar scar, also with the same appearance. Giving a final look at his body might reveal the presence of one last scar upon his left hand, though if the previous scars are faint then this one is almost non-existent. Apart from his somewhat handsome features and old scars there does not appear to be anything remarkable about Isard.


Isard is often joival and expresses joy and happiness with ease. His smile, a flashing thing of brilliance, often greets other mortals. His eyes are always focused upon any individual he speaks with, and he never devotes less than his full attention to another being. His hands sometimes tuck themselves beneath his belt, and other times he merely folds them across chest.


Isard can often be found wearing simple tunics and robes of loose fit. He occasionally pulls a hood over his head, more so when the weather proves foul. His feet are most often shod with thick leather boots, and his wrists and forearms are fitted with leather bracers. His fingers sport rings of simple design, and a silver chain hangs around his neck with a small talisman on the end.