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Freroim Ferrowfire
Race: Halfling (NOT a Gnome)
Classes: Rogue/Wizard
Most active on server: Elysia
Contact: [ Leave a message]


Freroim is a goodnatured halfling, whose goal in life is to stay away from the end of it, and have the best possible time doing that.

His curiosity and intelligence have led him into exploration of several crafts. In fact, in the portrait, you can see him carry one of his first creations of a simple tambourine at ACE. The Ashen mage Bragir gave him some tips though, so he can't take all credit for it. Since then he's discovered how to create several other things at ACE.

He's been a member of several guilds for years:

For now he's trying to prove his mastership at ACE.


Sadly, the real person and kind hearted soul behind Freroim passed away at the end of 2006. We miss ya, bud.