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Evantis Delaxis
Race: Shaahesk (lizardman)
Place of Origen: Drotid

Evantis was selected for the priesthood at a young age, chosen from the others of his brood about a year after his birth. He was noticed by his masters for his devotion during his novitate in the Great Temple of Aarilax in Drotid, but was otherwise unremarkable. He was ordained at age 19 and immediatly announced his intentions to also one day join the Holy Annihilators. Unfortunatly, when a high ranking priest reprimended him for killing a novice, he killed the priest in a rage. Unfortunatly, while killing impudent novices was allowed under temple law and the killing had been legal, killing the priest created problems. While killing others and assuming their role was the Shaahesk way, he started a feud with the deceased priest's family. While he had inherited the elder's rather powerful position in the hierarchy, he was being actively hunted by a powerful clan, it was at that point when Evantis decided to take a "pilgrimage" to various places around the world and gain as much power and wealth as possible. Someday, when he is stronger, he plans to return to Drotid and kill the clan that hunts him. He also has a secret ambition to become High Priest, he hates the elves, and knows that as High Priest he may have the authority to incite another war with T'Nanshi. He hates the elves and their arrogance. He does have great sympathy for M'Chek and wishes that the war would resume so he could see the haughty elves and all their egotism wiped out.

Evantis believes that as long as you work to gain power for yourself, Aarilax is happy. The only exception is that he would stangely put the well-being of Drotid on par with himself. He would like to see Drotid as the ruler of the world and is willing to make some sacrifice to see that dream realized.