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Vurk Bloodfang

Born to the chieftan of a large tribe of gnolls and orcs in the rocky mountains of of Galdos, he was trained from birth to be a warrior in the service of Ra-Ghul. He was taught to use his mighty greataxe to cleanse the weaklings from the area. At the age of 12, a rival tribe attacked his camp in order to gain favor with Ra-Ghul. Fearing for his life, Vurk fled into one of the many crags that dot the mountainside. From his hiding space, he heard the screams of his family as they were slaughtered. Hiding in the crag, he vowed revenge for this act and readied himself for his revenge. After years of training, he took up his axe again and marched into the camp of the tribe that killed his. Marching straight to the tent of the cieftan, he slew everyone who got in his way. Grabbing a nearby torch, he tossed it on the chieftans tent and set it on fire. The chieftan tried to flee from the burning tent and was cut down brutally by the avenging demon that was Vurk. Having accomplished his revenge, he set off to rid the world of those who destroy the innocent.