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Auryna Thayt'or (née Ak'hanrye)
Race: Chaos In a Bottle
Classes: Tracker, Stabby Stab, All the Zooms
Critical Weakness: The One She Trusts
Guild affiliations: FOIG
Most active on server: Ferrell, Wilderness
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Excerpt from Ladies Night: Early Days of Adventure & Misadventure, a publication by Vorin's Treasure Trove:

Auryna 'AJ' Ak'hanrye: "Well, I've been thinking, trying to remember my first true adventure. But like most of you, I'm sure, it all sort of blends in. Jalya, my younger sister, and I were born in the midst of the T'Nanshi - M'Chek war, so the fact I'm standing here as a guest in mixed company still impresses me most days. (Jalya) who, by the by, is the wiser of the two of us, became a Master at AKN & married Bell Arren of the Ivory Order, and has been a rock solid example of everything her older sister should have been. They are an old married couple by now, and still happily Planar Traveling for anyone who wonders."

Magus Gorstag: "Good for them. But what's the adventure?"

Auryna: "I was trying to pick. Instead, I'll share a good memory."

(cont.) "Because things like being shoved up against a wall and my ears threatened to be cut off because I was an elf doesn't do anybody good these days. But the war is important for the context of the memory. You see, our home, the village, was burned to the ground. We were separated, and because while everyone else died, we, Jalya and I, each thought the same of the other. Like Ariana, I had a series of misadventures on the grand Staircase and landed for many years on Arkaz. It's when I first met her, Ronan, many others. Well, we had mutual friends who traveled the Planes and eventually they put two and two together, that Jalya and I were each other's long lost sisters. And it was adorable, because they didn't want to get it wrong, but they all had different reasons for believing we belonged together. And, of course, neither of us believed them. Then it happened that a great druid moot was called and we were all there, with ritual masks, and performing the rites of the celebration. At the end, Jalya and I took off our masks, and we were standing across from each other in the circle. I'm not sure which one of us was more shocked to see the other. We basically derailed the whole rest of the evening, but there was all sorts of tears and hugs and everyone cheering."

Dame Grace: "That is sweet."

Auryna: "I can share a murder later."

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