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Name: Artros Forbeis

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Job: Cleric of Mikon, Emissary of Osannia

Residence: The City of Kuras

Born on the frontier between M'Chek and T'Nanshi, Artros was orphaned by hostilities of elves toward his defenseless family and the other settlers. Hiding in a hay loft he heard the screams of his mother as she was murdered. To this day he awakes at night with the screams echoing in his head.

Fleeing the hay loft Artros wandered into the woods hiding from the elves that had killed his kin. After several days without food he collapsed and would have been lost to history if a group of Romini hadn't picked him up, fed him, and raised him as their own. After many years he grew, still festering his emmense hatred of elves, and learned the skills of tracking and hunting. Ignoring the preaching of his adopted parents about the virtues of Mikon, Artros began living a baudy life filled with hard wine and his constant failed attempts to woo women.

After several years in the wilderness he heard of the fame of the great city of Kuras. Finding his way there he quickly began to use his bow in defense of his newly adopted city. Over time he learned to overcome his hatred of elves, his addiction to hard liquors, and found solace for his wounds in the Lord Mikon.

Sadly his years serving balance in Kuras have worn on him. Recently he has retaken the bottle to calm himself. Yet more and more he wonders if he couldn't better serve Lord Mikon by aiding the forces of chaos, both goblin and insurgent operating in the city.