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Aen'dyr Ar'tys

Race: Avariel
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawfull Good
Diety: Gorethar
Classes: Paladin / Cleric
Current Residence: Ferrell
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Aen has brown hair, brown eyes and a slightly tanned skin. He stands about five feet tall and is of average build.

Family,Friends & Associates

Parents deceased


Aen's parents have been killed by wild animals when he was still a baby, so he grew up in an orphanage in Le'Or T'Nanshi. Since he is an Avariel he was told to worship Cha'reth, which he did at first, but for some reason always felt a little weird doing it. When he was older he heard Gorethar's call more clearly ( he had heard it before, that's why he felt strange worshiping Cha'reth ), so, when he was grown up, he began his training as a Paladin and made his way to Elysia to join the Order of Gorethar. A bit later he decided not only to be a holy warrior of Gorethar, but also to be a cleric of his faith. Since he spends a lot of time in Elysia, he also joined Le'Megen T'Elysia to uphold law and peace in this city.