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Playing a relatively small part in the grand scheme of things in the realm of Avlis, records concerning the activity of the little-known rogue, Fade Darkwing, are few and far between. Aside from a list of minor criminal offenses, buried deep within the Mikona Guard archives, little is known of the man's history, parentage, or life; spare the memory of those who may have been aquainted with him.

The details surrounding Fade's disappearance are fuzzy at best. His last sighting on Avlis was likely by the custodian of the planar portal previously maintained within the Minur Khuzad research institute, some time before its destruction by the Woargschadeugh, on the advent of an apparently one-way planewalking jaunt. Before the decimation of the institute and the gateway therein, there may have existed tales of the strange disappearance, and probable demise, of an individual known as Fade, carried by travellers hailing from the land beyond the portal.

Whatever fate befell Fade in this far-off realm, there have been no further sightings of him on the continent of Negaria.